Zephyr Ion

One of the most user-friendly models of herbal vaporizer you can currently buy is the Zephyr Ion. It has been designed for one-handed operation, so if you like to vape while doing other things or you suffer from mobility issues following a stroke or caused by fibromyalgia, this is an excellent product. The Zephyr Ion Vaporizer is also a dual-method machine: vape through a tube or using a balloon. Set the air going or inhale directly.

Clean Vapor

This convection vaporizer contains a ceramic heating element, a natural medium for spreading heat without spreading toxins as well. The best devices contain ceramic for purity and quality of flavor. Consumers say they really appreciate the untainted taste of their vapor.

Bright Display

A big screen on the front shows your three-digit temperature in large black figures against a green screen. When first turned on, this screen is actually red. As your machine heats up, the numbers flash before red is replaced with green and the flashing stops.

It’s easy to read, so if your eye sight is failing there is no chance of misreading the temperature on your display. It’s not too bright either. In spite of the size of this screen, there is still plenty of room for all of your buttons.

Slick and Black

Zephyr Ion Vaporizer

The Zephyr Ion Vaporizer is a black unit like the Arizer Extreme Q but not a conical or volcano-like shape. You might think of a fondue set instead. Open the top lid and find a small basket used for filling with herbs. Take this out, fill it with ground herbs, and return the basket to a flat position before shutting your lid.

The makers of this vaporizer recommend filling it to ¼ or ½, so there is enough room for air to circulate fully. Use the handle to remove this basket and replace it before turning on the mod, but you can also pre-heat herbs with the basket inside as it heats up.

When you go back in to empty and refill the basket, ensure you take care: it gets hot inside the top portion of your device and the basket could be very hot to the touch.

Other Features

Atop the vaporizer there is a straw to which you attach either a valve and bag or tube with mouthpiece. Connect your Zephyr Ion to mains power via the 10-foot cord. This allows you to move the unit to any place that works for watching TV, reading in good natural light, etc.

Automatic Shut Off

You can adjust the automatic shut-off to any time within 3 hours. It is set for 60 minutes but adjust this as you like and after the desired period your Zephyr Ion will automatically switch off. Once finished and ready to cool down, lift the top lid and let all your hot air out. This prevents the device from carrying on wasting power if it is left unattended and potentially overheating which might lead to damage.

Advantages of the Zephyr Ion

As a one-handed system, this is easy to use, especially the balloon system, and great for someone with asthma or COPD. Valve and balloon are already connected (two of them) and several replacement balloons are included.

Zephyr ion with bag

A white button on the black valve is depressed to attach or release your balloon from the straw with minimum effort. Turn on the air to fill a bag. Hold in the valve button to release a full bag and to inhale, but release it to store vapor in the bag.

The makers do not recommend leaving vapor in the bag too long: 10 minutes is just about the limit to enjoy true purity of flavor although the time you have to get really rich vapor depends on what quality of herbs you choose. The whip attachment is just as easy to apply and use. Set the air going for assisted delivery or draw directly using lung power alone.

Negatives of the Zephyr Ion

It is going to cost you about $460 to buy the Zephyr Ion, which is significantly more than the Extreme Q. Although durable and efficient (a lot of effort has gone into reducing loss of vapor), the price difference is more than $100 and both are dual-mode systems. If this model catches your fancy, they are not as easily purchased as an Arizer Extreme Q either. This Canadian device is sold through a variety of retailers but the Zephyr Ion is more sparingly distributed.