White Rhino Products

White Rhino Products sounds like a company that should be based in some part of Africa, South Africa perhaps. But it’s not. In fact, you will find its headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah.

This is a brand of vaporizer: not specifically herb, wax, or liquid vapes. They sell it all.

White Rhino is on social media, runs contests, and operates a websites sales platform where curious customers can see what they have to offer at White Rhino.


WhiteRhinoProducts.comThe List

There are 18 vaporizers which can be filtered according to materials.

Choose a dry herb/liquid device. Look for one that vapes herbs and wax. Select a strictly wax or dry herb model; maybe a 3-in-1 pen instead.

Every one of their vaporizers is handheld, portable, and rechargeable.

Besides those items, they sell disposable e cigs and e hookahs, e juice, and accessories. Models include a series of Dube items, 2 Trifectas, the Touch, Hylo, Sleek, and Liquid.

White Rhino Dube

Dube Vaporizer

This is their line of portable vaping pens. White Rhino has made a Dube 2, Dube XS, and Disposable Dube plus the Gold Dube 2 (like a fancy special edition article).

A Dube XS 180-mAh vape pen costs $39.99. This is a smaller version of their 280-mAh standard Dube 2. It comes with one battery, a couple tools, a charger, and is available in some nice sharp colors.

Dube XS

A Dube 2 takes just a few seconds to heat up to 180C to 200C. It features 5-hour battery life according to the website, though that is likely when you are taking it easy, and probably more like 3-4 hours if you vape more heavily.

Dube 2

Buy this and receive one cartridge each for herbs and waxy oils, cleaning and filling tools, and a USB cable for recharging the little battery.

Hylo High Point


Visually, the Hylo High Point is the most interesting item at White Rhino because its looks make it stand out from the others. The Hylo is an elliptical one-piece vaporizer for $219.99, a bit like a G Pro in 8 possible colors in case you are wondering about shape and size.

With a length of 6 inches, however, it looks like this could be a better design because it has room for something vapers should get excited about: convection heating. Convection is better than conduction because it circulates air all around herbs, wax, or oils to get efficiently vaporized without burning. Most portable, rechargeable vaporizers are conduction devices owing to the lack of space for anything more technically advanced.

Its three temperature settings are 374 º, 392 º, and 410º which will come up on the screen. Although it takes about 45 seconds to heat up, I would much prefer this over the fast-fuming Dube, even at the higher price. Bowl replacements are available, including a deep wax bowl, one with cotton at the bottom to absorb drops of essential oils, and a capacious, screened bowl for herbs.

DV2 Personal Vaporizer


For $99.99, you could own a DV2 PV which comes with a charger, brush, tin travel case, and various tools. The DV2 is a 3-in-1 vaporizer ready in about 4 seconds. It does not look like something worth $99.99, not after seeing the Hylo. Maybe that’s an unfair comparison, but the DV2 resembles a glorified Dube.

Liquid Touch

Liquid Touch

You don’t even have to literally touch a button on the Liquid Touch. What resembles a button is really a sensor detecting your fingers are ready to hold a vaporizer and begin puffing once more. It holds 1.6 ml of liquid (no herbs). Touch-less technology is significant because it reduces wear and tear. Firing buttons frequently fall out of cheap manual batteries when not handled gently, but a sensor will stay put.

Sleek and W Pens

Pick up the Sleek V2 for $69.99.

Sleek V2

Another edition priced $30 more is just an artistic variation on the perfectly lovely-looking original. This elliptical device is small, discrete, comes in 10 colors you can tuck in your pocket, and vaporizes herbs and waxy oils. It heats up so quickly that it’s virtually instant.

White Rhino’s next offering, the W, is a $99.99 pen for use with waxy oils. Like the Dube and Liquid Touch, it looks like a ball-point pen.




You can probably skip the gold edition unless you are looking to spend a little more for some bling. Again, I can’t help but compare everything White Rhino throws at me to their Hylo, a paragon of vaporizing virtues.



The Trifecta is a 3-in-1 pen and a lot of hype has surrounded this type of device.

Priced $149.99, comes with 3 cartridges/tanks, features a 650-mAh battery, and takes just seconds to heat up.

E Liquid

Choose from 0, 12, 18, or 24 mg of nicotine and several flavors priced $9.99 for 15 ml. That price makes it easy to buy lots and experiment. Visit the mixology page at White Rhino and learn how to blend your own flavors from the basics supplied there.

Glass Attachments

Are you the type who uses water when you vape? Many consumers create a smoother flavor and throat feel for their vapor by adding a glass tube and adding water. White Rhino sells several glass items including the H2 and UWaterpipe.

Lacking Information

When I went searching for information or a sales pitch, the White Rhino page let me down. There is more details to get on sites that sell White Rhino products. Their blog is well kept, though, and worth reading.

Shop Online: http://www.whiterhinoproducts.com