VaporFi Orbit

There are now many different types of portable vapes available, and many of them cost a couple hundred dollars. If you are looking for a nice affordable handheld device to meet your loose leaf vaping needs, the Vaporfi Orbit may be what you are looking for.


VaporFi Orbit

Vaporfi Orbit


Although it measures around 4″ in length, the Orbit is not a pen vape. It is not an eGo or any other sort of 2-part device. Every necessary element is already inside your product except herbs and the mouthpiece which can be removed. Doing so reveals an herb chamber of reasonable depth: about 1.7 ml.

At the front of your vaporizer there are two items; a button and a light. One control button gives you access to three settings: hot (360F), hotter (380F), and hottest (420F) without doing anything but waiting for a light to come on. A kit also contains cleaning implements, screens, mouthpiece covers, and a charger.

How to Operate the Orbit

VaporFi’s Orbit remains in the “off” position until you press the button 5 times in rapid succession. This gets the heating element off to a running start. After about a minute, that tiny light will turn red, which indicates you can start puffing if you want that temperature.

If not, wait 30 more seconds for a green light indicating you are at the 380F point. Another half-minute brings you to 420F and a blue light. That’s it: just press, wait, and puff. When you are finished, turn off your device by pressing that switch 5 times once more. You can charge up its internal battery using a port at the base.


You notice there are 5 silicon covers for the mouthpiece and probably wonder why. They cover the black Darth Vader Helmet-style piece because it gets hot after prolonged use, especially at 420F. Covering the mouthpiece is also a way to share between friends. Another way to cool vapor is to buy extended mouthpieces which give it time to cool before you inhale.

Buy Extras

VaporFi’s Orbit is sold with essential items, but you can also replace silicon covers, the mouthpiece, steel mesh, and buy extra-long mouthpieces. You can get these covers — 5 of them — for $6.99. Extra mesh filters go for $3.99 in packages of 5. You could purchase a new mouthpiece, the same as that which comes with an Orbit, paying $14.99. These little black items tend to go missing or get chewed by the dog, so VaporFi is thinking ahead on your behalf.

Also at VaporFi

An audience of e liquid lovers got VaporFi started. They began by selling mini and eGo-type e cigs plus a few higher-powered units, but nothing like the wide selection now on hand. Their Pro Series remains the most popular VaporFi item: an EVOD-type device in 8 colors with power for the day and options to upgrade both batteries and tanks. Another herbal accessory is the Pro-DHW tank with a window cut into one side for use with the Pro and Rocket.

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