The Plenty

A funny thing about the Plenty: it’s a desktop unit but also a handheld one. You can see from its design that the Plenty by Storz & Bickel was made to be picked up, but there is no way you could drag this out during lunch break at work or carry it in your pocket. The purse that holds this vaporizer would have to be huge.

The Plenty Vaporizer Review


Not only is it too large, but the Plenty’s sturdy design is also a little on the heavy side to be carried far. Storz & Bickel made the Crafty and the Mighty portable vaporizers to answer issues with size and weight. For those who simply want to own a unique device with the power and quality of a Volcano, this will certainly do the trick as long as you don’t mind plugging it into the wall for a constant stream of power.

Aesthetically Interesting Vaporizer

The Plenty Vaporizer

Trying to explain what the Plenty looks like puts me on the back foot. I want to say it reminds me of a gas pump, yet the trouble with that is a petrol pump isn’t nearly as beautiful. The shape is about right except that where you would put the tube into your gas tank, a double helix cooling unit curls out of the top.

That takes away from what might seem a pedestrian image which might also make a person think he’s smelling gasoline. You won’t, by the way. The only thing you are going to smell from the Plenty is the aroma of your herbs as they vaporize and get sucked down your lungs.

Classic Analog Style

The Plenty is operated using a dial, like the Classic Volcano. This orange dial is situated near the base of the handle. Watch the temperature rise on the dial at the front from 130C to a maximum 202C. A dial is old-school but charming when seen on this black and orange device. You literally turn the Plenty on and off by an orange switch and a light at the front, below the dial, shows when it’s ready to go.

Herbal Vaporizer

Grind your herbs before placing them in the chamber. Their grind doesn’t need to be super-fine, but don’t overfill. You could replace herbs with a liquid pad if you prefer: all Storz & Bickel items work with one of these. Reviews say that vapor from the Plenty is smooth and tasty. One reason for those is Storz & Bickel’s cooling coil. The double-helix design takes ultra-hot vapor, which can taste harsh, and reduces its temperature without need of water. By the time it gets to your lips, vapor is cool enough to be flavorful. Just don’t touch the coil; it’s going to be very hot.

Buy the Starter Kit

The genuine Plenty is going to cost you about $349, which might be the only gripe from customers who bought this herbal vaporizer. They love everything about its looks and performance, but if they could reduce its price tag that would be ideal.

Storz & Bickel provides a 3-year warranty too, which just proves German manufacturing is good stuff. They wouldn’t back it for so long otherwise. Storz & Bickel create their devices to be compliant with European and North American standards.

A kit comes with a mouthpiece, 3 normal screens, 2 short and 2 long tubes, a liquid pad, cleaning brush, and grinder. All of these items are replaceable from authorized retailers or directly from Storz & Bickel. Pick up new mouthpieces, liquid pads, screens, and more.

You can also use this opportunity to explore other devices by Storz & Bickel or check out the competition. What’s so special about the Plenty that it should sell for so much more than a Da Buddha, Silver Surfer, or Arizer Extreme Q? Take this opportunity to read reviews and compare products.

Why Storz & Bickel?

What would possess a person to spend so much money on a vaporizer when there are $200 products out there? Storz & Bickel’s devices are designed by German engineers to last more than a few years. Some consumers update reviews years later to say their Volcano or Plenty is still working like new a long time after they first bought it. You can rely on their skill, professionalism, and the quality of their workmanship.