The Firefly

When you go shopping for a portable vaporizer, the Firefly is not going to turn up on your radar as often as, say, the Pinnacle Pro or the Arizer Solo. Few online vendors stock it besides the company that makes these portable devices.

They are based in Seattle, Washington, which is a logical location. Vaping is a popular pastime along the Pacific Northwest coast all along Washington State and up into British Columbia, Canada. In fact, BC “bud” is famous.

Uses for Vaporizers

Vaporizers are not just for marijuana; smokers resort to using vaporizers as an alternative to¬†cigarettes, and some people use aromatics in them. When they use a Firefly, the great taste remains — better than before, in fact. It isn’t tainted by toxins or the flavor of combustion. E cigs do a great job of simulating the smoking experience, but for the purist, nothing beats the flavor of real tobacco leaves.

Firefly Vaporizer: Portable Beauty


I must confess to a bias: this is one of the most beautiful handheld, wireless, compact herbal vaporizers available. It is so lovely the designers deserve kudos. New — sometimes clever — models are released in the same category every so often, but none of them has yet surpassed the elegance of this device inspired by race cars and made from aircraft-grade aluminum. Though dense with durable hardware and materials, it is light and compact enough to be fully portable.

A quartz crystal porthole window at the top front, framed by heating grilles to the sides and top, reveals the fearsome power of a tiny heating element. Glowing red hot, you can see when the vapor is ready to be inhaled.

Don’t touch the window and keep hands away from the grills. There is no need to place your hands close to these hot places, and your fingers will not fit through the grills anyway, but you will burn yourself nonetheless. The purpose of grilles is two-fold: to release some heat and prevent overheating; and because this produces an inviting glow that enhances the general sense of warmth produced by vaping.

Convection Heating

One of the marvelous facts about the Firefly vaporizer is that your finely ground herbs are convection-heated up to 400F. Hot air circulates through the heating chamber so as to vaporize as fully as possibly. This makes for greater efficiency than conduction (direct) heating, while also preventing the Firefly from doing what many portable items are guilty of: burning herbs. An Atmos RX, for example, frequently burns herbs although, in its defense, the RX is a little small to fit the technology needed to prevent combustion.

Allow yourself just 10 seconds for herbs to heat up and produce vapor. That is long enough to pour a glass of water, or pick a show on Netflix, maybe change your socks, or stack a plate in the dishwasher. The Firefly could be left waiting for you.

firefly batteryQuick and Convenient Battery Charging

Firefly batteries have recently been improved to hold their charge longer, but they were excellent all along. Rely on the Firefly to provide about 50 inhalations with every charge.

Allow yourself 45 minutes to fully replenish the battery or, instead of waiting, keep a second one on standby. The cell is not built in but comes out for recharging on an exterior charger.

By way of contrast, the Pax contains a built-in battery so you cannot swap the battery, and its charging base was not designed for pass-through use. Remove the battery door entirely to expose your cell, but be careful not to misplace this important part.

Purchase Replacement Parts

If that door does slide away somewhere and you can’t find it, or you accidentally dent it so it won’t fit back on properly, accessories for the Firefly are available. These include replacement doors costing $15. Like the vaporizer itself, these come in 3 colors: red, silver, or black. Choose the same color or create a 2-toned look.

The magnetic lid for your vapor pathway is also replaceable for $35 in all three colors, which means you can get creative with the appearance of your device or opt to stick with the same shade. But you will not have to replace the actual hardware just because you misplaced the lid.



Keeping the Lid On

When you take off its magnetic lid, the Firefly reveals the secret to easy filling and cleaning. The chamber and pathway are not deep and dark but fully exposed to the light and to cleaning tools. The base and lid together provide the top and bottom halves of the pathway. Designed as an herbal vaporizer, the Firefly is also compatible with concentrate pads.

Last Words on the Firefly

There is just one power button to operate your device and no screen. It is very simple to operate. The makers back up their creation with a five-year warranty. One thing I would like to see is an accessory for the fixed mouthpiece just in case it gets too hot.

A longer mouthpiece or silicone cap would suffice. Either one could be added to classy, sturdy packaging used to ship your new herbal vaporizer. The makers of this elegant American vaporizer are social: find them on Facebook, etc. where discussion is always interesting.

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