Summit: this word is defined as the pinnacle, the top, usually with reference to a mountain or hill. Reach the very top and you have climbed to the summit, whether you climbed a mountain, won a gold medal, or were promoted to the highest position of a company hierarchy.

The Summit Vaporizer by Vapium conjures all the idea of reaching personal goals, thanks to a clever choice of name that fits the image Vapium seeks to convey.

Energetic Vapium Image

Website images for Vapium depict individuals being active. They hold yoga poses, carry backpacks, and climb mountains. These are people who get outside and love adventure; mostly healthy, young individuals.

Vapium associates vaporizers with good health and a great lifestyle, not just better health. It is as though they want to say vaping can be truly good for you.

Summit Vaporizer

That notion is debatable depending on your stance on recreational drugs, but when used as a replacement for smoking, vaporizers are certainly better than cigarettes. The industry can’t really say vaping tools are “good” yet as the scientific and medical communities continue to conduct research into this issue.

The concept suggests that consumers through vaping can, however, aim for higher heights as their breathing returns to normal, or at least improves, and they plan to become more active as a result: climbing mountains or just taking a brisk walk up a steep hill.

What is the Summit Vaporizer by Vapium

Vapium refers to the Summit as the “only all-weather vape.” It is “utility-focused” with button-press delivery. In other words, Vapium customers can continue their usual activities in all weathers, at various altitudes, and still be able to puff on uninterrupted vapor until their batteries need charging. Even the USB port is protected from weather.

Most companies say nothing about weather tolerance or indicate that consumers cannot vape with their devices at high altitudes or in wind. Reviewers sometimes make a point of noting a device’s ability to withstand strong winds. An idea that many vaporizers cannot tolerate all conditions for outdoor use during strenuous activity is suggested, not stated.

Durability is at the Summit’s heart. Consumers should feel confident traveling with their reliable product which is not just sturdy but also accurate and easy to use.

The draw is light. Temperatures are precisely calculated. The Summit heats up almost in a snap and indicates when a suitable temperature has been achieved, thanks to vibration alerts. If you have stuffed this compact unit into a pocket of your cargo pants while it heats up, it will quietly tell you to take it out and enjoy the vapor.

Design Simplicity

An aerodynamic shape makes this look like a space-aged gift to smokers. Colors are all discrete: Covert, Sage, and Slate. Go incognito all the way with your ergonomic vaping stick.

Choose from 8 settings: 320F to 450F. The Summit measures 4.5 x 1.1 x 1.4 inches and weighs 250 grams, making it compact and hardly noticeable in a loaded backpack. Just a few grams can make a big difference on a long trek.

Buy the Kit

Your kit of pieces includes a USB charger and a wall adapter. A dry-bag pouch and cleaning kit are included.

Pipe cleaners (layman’s term for chenille sticks) are inserted for cleaning the mouthpiece. There is also a pick/stir tool, screens, and wipes. Keep the Summit clean so it can perform to its highest heights.

Since you have to stir herbs, that is a sign the Summit uses conduction heating, but you probably guessed as much. Few items of these small dimensions contain a convection heating system.

Top Notch Construction Materials

Vapium opted for light, food-grade plastic as their construction material for the Summit’s exterior and vapor path. We could debate the relative pros and cons of using plastic versus stainless steel all day.

Correction: The vapor path and oven chamber are constructed from medical grade stainless steel. (The team at Vapium left us a comment below making this important distinction).

I’ve had to edit this portion of text since I was pointing out how plastic in the vapor path is less than ideal in my opinion, as sending that kind of heat through plastic will very likely leave a certain taste at the very least, and potentially heat up the plastic enough to release fumes. This is an excellent price for a portable device to vaporize your loose leaf materials, made of such high standard materials.

Studies are still trying figure out if food-grade plastic under high temperatures will release toxic fumes into a person’s lungs and the environment. If so, what is the maximum value this material can withstand?

It is really up to users to determine what their priorities are and what they believe. On that note, I don’t think you can go wrong with medical grade stainless steel for the vapor path and oven chamber.

Alternatives to the Summit

If you were going to compare this product by Vapium to other items currently available, the closest things would be a Pinnacle, Firefly, or Pax. They are all similar dimensions but stylistically unique.

Between them all, there is a price variation from about $150 to $270. For a small budget, the Summit is a good choice.