Silver Surfer

The first vaporizer from 7th Floor was their Da Buddha which became an instant classic. Problems with design, however, led the team to rethink the shape of their initial offering.

Customers can still buy a Da Buddha; not everyone thought badly of its upright conical shape. Those who found that herbs would drop into the heating element too readily were elated to hear of 7th Floor’s second product — the Silver Surfer vaporizer.

Silver Surfer Spec

This $270 machine is not new; on the contrary, it is a veteran of the market. Herbal vapers often turn to this desktop product sold by a few reputable online stores and many physical vape shops.

Black SSV

It is the plug-in model of choice for nights in front of a warm fire or the TV. The regular price gives customers a plain silver model with a standard wand, padded bag, backwards-angled cone (to prevent the problem with burning herbs), and several accessories. All glass parts are hand-blown and unique. These include the stir tool, control knob, and mouthpiece. Three feet of tubing is also included.

Pass the Glass

Using glass has its pros and cons in this business. It can be brittle and, thus, some vapers have called to replace wands and stir sticks before they even get to use their machine. Whether they break after a day or a year, these are available from the manufacturer and associated dealers.

Glass is also inert. Although lovely, no part of these original blown-glass features will release toxic substances into the air or one’s airways. Just be gentle with them.

Creating an Expensive Experience

At its original price the Silver Surfer desktop vaporizer is great value. It heats up in less than two minutes and produces excellent vapor. Consumers are very happy with this product and have frequently commented that a Volcano (costing more than twice the price with a valve set) is no better; just more expensive. Seventh Floor is an American company, so patriots are able to support their local vape-makers. Volcano vaporizers come from Germany.

One can easily become creative, however, and wind up with a fabulous bill. Change to a hands-free wand and add $20. This ground glass item allows the user to vape without holding the wand, although this requires lifting the sealed lid to stir periodically. Seventh Floor installed a conduction heat system so there is no fan getting heat into your entire pile of herbs.

Select a color other than silver. Some colors cost $20; others are $40. You can have a bright orange model, a subtle black device, or a fancy rainbow. Add further ornamentation such as artistry you have designed and uploaded or designs already on hand at 7th Floor.

Accessories add to the price as well. There are water coolers, extra stir sticks and wands, aromatherapy bowls, and other items which can turn your investment into an attractive sink hole. Before you know it, the Silver Surfer direct draw vaporizer costs as much as a Digital Volcano.

If this is a centerpiece, something you plan on bragging about and showing off, a Silver Surfer certainly provides aesthetic excitement. That $600 investment could be worthwhile, but if you have that cash to spend, the Volcano by Storz & Bickel is a high-end assisted-air balloon-delivery machine powered by convection.

How the Silver Surfer Works

As already mentioned, this is a conduction-heated machine. Herbs in their ceramic element receive direct heat, but should not combust. Analog machines like this one use a knob rather than digital controls so your setting will not be precise. Customers say it takes a bit of time and finesse but you will eventually settle on a suitable temperature for your vapor without a screen to guide the way. Once used to the process, vapers do not mind one bit. They also appreciate the natural flavor created by a ceramic chamber and glass vapor path.

Build quality is high: durable, yet light. Vapers have found it easy to cart their desktop vaporizer from home to a party or on holiday, in the padded case which is included with each purchase from an authorized distributor. This kit also contains cleaning equipment, tubing, the mouthpiece, wand, and stir pick.

More from Seventh Floor

The makers of Silver Surfer vaporizers did not stop there; they kept innovating until they designed their own vape pen. The VIP and Essence Pens are small enough to slide into a pocket and carry around wirelessly. Rechargeable batteries keep those little vaping devices running for months. It’s ironic to see a vape pen at 7th Floor which I associate with stylish desktop devices, but I guess they are keeping up with trends. Pen vapes are highly popular in spite of their shorter lives, short-lived batteries, and short vaping sessions per fill.

A Life Saber is unusual, futuristic, and handheld but larger than a pen. This user-friendly item plugs into the wall, eliminating the need for spare batteries or a charger and making room for more vaping materials. Its silver exterior is dotted with carefully placed holes. From a distance this really does resemble a 21st Century light saber.

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