QuickDraw 300

Vapers looking for a new portable herbal vaporizer can stop looking: the QuickDraw 300 is an impressive little device that kicks out thick, tasty plumes of aromatic vapor. You can find out for yourself if only this little device wasn’t sold out just about everywhere. Stock will soon be restored, though: it is made in China and Chinese manufacturing moves quickly.

QuickDraw 300 for Aromatic Blends

Two QuickDraw 300s are the Herbal and Deluxe: one just for herbs, the other a 3-in-1 unit. Use the herbal machine to vaporize finely ground tobacco and other plant material, apparently without burning it.

QuickDraw 300

The great news, according to reviews, is that the QuickDraw 300 vaporizer successfully manages a non-combustion heating method because it uses convection when the herb cartridge is connected to your vaporizer. Your kit comes with the vaporizer, single herb cartridge, and charging kit plus cleaning tools.

QuickDraw 300 Deluxe for All Materials

When you insert a cartridge for concentrates or liquids, however, the vaporizer switches to conduction-method heating which is not a problem with wet materials. The base knows which cartridge is inserted by reading a code at the base and sets a temperature for that purpose.

Did I mention the two parts connect magnetically? This magnetic operating system allows vapers to simply slide a cartridge into the console without threading or even snapping the two parts together.

This is simple, hassle free, and prevents breakage caused by worn threads. The cartridge console also creates the appearance of a one-piece vaporizer. A starter kit contains chargers, a cleaning set, all three cartridges, and the vaporizer base.

Similarities with the V2 Pro Series

What I want to know, however, is which came first? Was it the Pro Series from V2 or the QuickDraw 300? A V2 Pro Series 3-in-1 operates in the same way using smart technology to identify each cartridge as it is dropped into the unit, attaching magnetically to the battery. A magnetic charger is also employed.

Colors differ: V2 Pro Series 3 and 7 vaporizers come in three stealthy shades. The QuickDraw 300 is available in purple, white, blue, black, or gold. Vapor production by both is very good and they are durable, compact tools.

On either one you will see a slim light at the base of the vaporizer which indicates your charging status. They both heat up quickly too. What I find interesting about the QuickDraw 300, however, is QuickDraw’s tactics. Their starter kits are straightforward. Either buy the herbal pen or purchase a full 3-in-1. V2 makes you build your kit so it looks like the product is inexpensive until you start adding multiple cartridges.

V2 Cigs, however, has one advantage over QuickDraw: reputation. Every vaper has heard of V2 Cigs. If you started out using e liquids or use them now, alternating with herbs and concentrates, then it is impossible to have missed them. For a few years they dominated the cigalike industry and their sleek Pro Series vaporizer has caused quite a stir.

Also, V2 Cigs has created 3 versions of their 3-in-1. Bigger and better versions are consumer-controlled. A microprocessor doesn’t automatically set the temperature. Version 7 and 9 employ bigger rechargeable batteries.

Enthusiastic, expert reviews of the QuickDraw, however, guarantee that you will not be able to forget: V2 has a competitor in QuickDraw, a company which, like all e cig companies, has simply taken a good idea and adapted it to their uses. That is the way this entire industry works.

I imagine QuickDraw will also release multiple versions: automatic, manual, and larger-sized bases with stronger batteries. Perhaps, like V2 has done, QuickDraw will release them slowly to build up anticipation among existing customers and increase sales.