Puffit 2

For vapers who loved the Puffit, there is now a new and improved version: the Puffit 2. Just like its predecessor, this looks like an inhaler in blue or black and will fool most people into thinking you’re just an asthmatic taking a puff.

A Puffit 2 Vaporizer is a 2-in-1 device costing around $100. In this market, that’s a low-price option for a high-tech product.

Puffit 2 Features

A fun fact about the Puffit is that it truly looks like a puffer that people with asthma use.


That recognizable “L” shape includes a depressor at the top and a cap at the bottom. The colors are also authentic: nothing like the purple or pink models sometimes available from other manufacturers for their vaporizers.

Use dry herbs or concentrates with this tiny unit measuring 3.7″ by 1.9″. Not only is it small, but it’s even smaller than the old version which was also compact.

At the same time, thanks to innovators who increase the power of technology while decreasing size, battery life is 75% greater. That is amazing considering the smaller dimensions.

Finely grind your herbs before placing them in the chamber. This allows for even and efficient heating. Use this as a cigarette-replacement tool if you are trying to quit smoking. You still get the flavor and nicotine without creating smoke.

Reading LED lights or values on a screen to know when a unit has reached your temperature setting is old technology. You can still do those things, but vibrations are trendier and stealthier. LED lights are reserved for showing how much life is left in your high-powered battery before it needs to be recharged.

Batteries are removable so exchange empties for full cells rather than waiting for your vaporizer to recharge. Battery power is 2200 mAh which is enough to reach between 320 and 415 degrees. There are 4 levels to choose from requiring between 30 and 45 seconds of heat-up time.

Auto shut-off kicks in after 3 minutes of disuse or you can switch off your Puffit 2 by depressing the top button. Automatic shut-off saves your battery and herbs or concentrates.

A Few Reservations

When I see all of such improvements at play for the low price of $100 I am left feeling skeptical about quality. It’s likely that materials used to create the Puffit 2 are not the best and probably include hardened plastics.

Plastics of any kind, while light and cheap, are also prone to releasing fumes when heated. You’ll notice that by first heating the device with nothing in it you clean out impurities and create a nasty smell.

When plastic is heated to high temperatures, it will continue to give off a light smell of plastic. If you notice this aroma, your vapor has been tainted. Some consumers get used to that odor. Others become suspicious of it and prefer to operate more expensive devices utilizing better materials such as ceramic, glass, and stainless steel.

But if you need an inexpensive product, this is an excellent way to vaporize herbs or concentrates stealthily without wires or plugs. Use it on the go. Even replace cigarettes with the Puffit 2.