Pax 2

Since the last Pax did well with customers and sold out all around North America, American company Ploom decided to upgrade their beautiful design but has since changed their name.

They are just “Pax” now. It is always good to see a company tweak a product in spite of its many positive attributes.

This shows that they are listening to feedback from clients and are intent on making products better. While the Pax 2 Vaporizer does not look different from its older cousin, the Pax 2 is a little smaller, weighs a little less, but retains the best elements of its former glory.

First Crush

Vapers had a crush on the first Pax because it was so good looking and intuitive. You didn’t have to press buttons or read a screen to change from temperature-reading mode to battery-charge indicator: you just shook the device. The light changed color so you are always made aware where you stood.

Also now, there is more to read: 4 heat settings instead of 3. As the Pax 2 reached the setting you chose by pressing the control button as indicated in the manual, the little “x” on one side of the Pax changed color. You knew your herbs were ready.

There is even a function that remembers your last setting, so the Pax 2 prepares to return to that setting when the device is switched on again.

Deep, Not Heavy

The oven was pretty deep but it became deeper in spite of the fact that this is a smaller, more discrete unit than before. You still need to grind your herbs fairly well and only use dry materials. Wet stuff will probably destroy your nearly-$300 unit. Remove the mouthpiece by pressing it and get access to the chamber.

The battery also lasts longer; another marvel considering what I just said. Technology gets smaller but does more than ever before, all to the advantage of vapers everywhere.



For Your Comfort

The Pax 2 is also capable of adjusting its temperature so as not to burn the unwary vaper whose lips linger too long over the short mouthpiece. Instead of elongating this element or providing silicone covers, Pax chose to install a sensor which prevents burning the sensitive skin around your mouth. What happens is if you are not using the Pax, it stops heating herbs. Your lips give the signal to resume heating.

By all accounts, vapor output is superb; the quality you would expect from a bigger unit. Consumers are very pleased with the flavor of their vapor too. They get to enjoy quality in a small package they take with them anywhere, tucked away discretely without taking up much space.

Exterior Promise

Anodized aluminum makes the exterior smooth, solid, and scratch resistant. You can (and there’s a good chance you will) drop this smooth vaporizer, but it is going to be alright. Scratches are less likely to appear, thanks to the coating.

Pax 2

Other materials are all medical-grade, such as the stainless steel airway and plastic parts. One reviewer said the plastic did not affect flavor or his enjoyment of vapor. Some consumers, on the other hand, have argued to the contrary, so this might be a subjective conclusion every individual has to reach independently.

Rechargeable Unit

Portable vaporizers are all the rage because — duh — you can move around with them. A cord would have to be pretty long if you were going to plug in and drive to work, still vaping all the way.

In other words: you would not bother if not for ability to use a battery. Not only is this much handier for smokers who want to use an alternative method but also friendlier to the environment because the internal Pax battery is rechargeable. Stand it up in its docking bay until the battery is charged once more (the light will change color accordingly).

Choose silver, purple, blue, or back. The rechargeable battery provides 1000 mAh of power. Heating takes a mere 30 seconds or even less: it’s speedy and efficient.

Warranty for Pax Customers

Ploom stands behind their Pax vaporizer with a 10-year warranty for customers in the United States and Canada. That’s a relief, especially when spending so much money on a device. It comes with a packing tool, built-in battery, mouthpiece, cleaning brush, USB charging cable, and full instructions.

More from Pax

The Ploom name gets a new lease on life with the Pax Pod products for smokers. These are vaporizers from the makers of Pax which work only with proprietary tobacco pods; like coffee pods, essentially. Pax sells them in a variety of flavors to be inserted straight into a device which looks a lot like the Pax but does not take self-ground herbs: just pods.