Vaporfection is a vaporizer company well known for their viVape and recently updated viVape 2: both compact, light, sleek iPod-style tabletop vaporizers for use with herbs. An advantage of using this machine has been its dual delivery mode: forced air and direct draw. Soon, this machine will have competition from the inside: a Vaporfection miVape.

The miVape Vaporizer

mivape vaporizer

Vaporfection will launch their portable miVape in June of this year and you will notice some similarities between this and the viVape 2 although this is a handheld version with a built-in battery recharged via a USB port. Operate the battery for up to 2 hours per charge. Set your temperature using digital controls and wait for an LED light to illuminate your screen, indicating the portable miVape is ready for vaping.

Herbal Vape

Vaporfection created an ergonomic machine which, for those of you unfamiliar with the term, means it sits naturally in your hand. The miVape is comfortable to hold, not angular or heavy although its shape is similar to that of an iPod. If you were to compare its style to anything else, you might take a look at the SMY 60W mod with a very similar screen. This is a variable watt e liquid vaporizer but also useful with other materials.

Yet, the SMY does not come with a chamber or a mouthpiece. These are built into the direct-draw miVape vaporizer. To keep this chamber and pathway clean, Vaporfection provides cleaning tools plus chargers and a stir tool.

Handheld Vaporizer Competition

Vaporfection is going to charge around $260 for the miVape as opposed to $270 for their desktop viVape 2. Storz & Bickel’s Crafty portable vaporizer costs about $340. Its technology is excellent but the Crafty is a much heavier unit; far less discrete. Arizer’s Solo is priced comparably to the miVape as is the Davinci Ascent which, like the miVape, features all-glass vapor delivery. These will be some of Vaporfection’s strongest competition.

All Glass

When vapor travels down a pathway, it picks up fumes from anything which becomes hot enough to release them. Some vape manufacturers would say their medical-grade or silicon or plastic items do not release any fumes or, if they do, these fumes are not dangerous. They might simply argue that the consequences are relative: better some low-level fumes this way than smoking. Vaporfection doesn’t agree: they choose to create a clean pathway from chamber to lungs. The only thing you will taste on your tongue is the pure flavor of herbal vapor.

Power Saver

It is okay to forget you turned on the Vaporfection miVape: it will turn off on its own after about 60 seconds. This might seem impatient of your vaporizer but think of what that saves you: money, time, and energy. Batteries drain the whole time a vaporizer is on and herbs burn up. If this happens for a long time you waste a great deal of both, which means you are required to recharge a battery and refill herbs more often. As a conscientious human being, you don’t want to be wasting battery energy either.

Desktop Predecessor

The viVape 2 gives you a glimpse of what the miVape will look like and great reviews provide strong advertising. Beneath a touch screen, an LED-lit chamber glows as your herbs reach their optimal temperature. Digital controls allow you to set temperature precisely. Like the miVape, automatic shut-down is built into the viVape to conserve battery power and materials.

The mouthpiece and chamber are both made of glass, but this is a dual-mode machine so a medical-grade hose and balloons are there to offer direct or forced-air delivery. Fans can be noisy, but not this one.

The viVape received several upgrades from version 1: a better heating element, screen, and heating control for a start. It can also be used at two different voltage levels: 110V and 220V.

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