The Haze Vaporizer made news recently when it turned up in goodie bags for all Oscar nominees. Those actors and directors who did not receive a trophy were given “Everyone Wins at the Oscars” bags containing over $100,000 worth of gifts. Among these gifts was the Haze Vaporizer.

What this Says about Vaping and the Haze

When an industry that is all about advertising promotes vaporizers, this tells the public several things.

Haze Vaporizer

One is that a lot of famous people smoke, although they might not want to promote their smoking habit. These are the same people who advocate social responsibility and awareness of global issues related to health and environment.

Industry insiders know that if even one or two Oscar nominees are seen publicly using a Haze or any other vaporizers, the curiosity of the public will be piqued. Sales of vaporizers will rise while the idea of smokeless smoking will get people talking.

TV hosts made the public aware of what Oscar-insiders did with the Haze so now anyone who watches talk shows and did not know about vaporizers has been made aware. The inference is that celebrities promote smoke-free alternatives to cigarettes, although their reasons are personal and probably varied.

More specifically, the movie industry chose this device: the Haze. They chose not to insert the Pax, Firefly, or Solo into these little bags. They turned away from the Ascent, RX, and Pinnacle.



Why choose the Haze?

Quality is critical for people who wear $3,000 dresses to a televised award ceremony. The Haze is a quality product. Consumers will wonder why the Oscar committee chose this device particularly. Specifications listed below should give readers some idea.

The Haze Vaporizer

Shop around for discounts, free gifts, and free or low-priced shipping, but expect to pay around $250. Here is what your box will contain when you order a Haze.

haze vaporizer kit

The device itself contains two bowls. This is so consumers can alternate between materials: herbs and wax or essential oils.

It’s the most exciting feature of this wireless electronic vaping machine. There might not be another device on the market capable of providing such flexibility and fun, at least not yet.

If not, expect other businesses to copy this method and tweak it in subtle ways but know that makers of the Haze brought something highly innovative to their field.

Inside the unit there are two rechargeable Lithium Ion batteries providing a lot of power for long vaping sessions between charges. Two cells come with each kit.

Rechargeable technology allows vapers to adopt an eco-friendly attitude, and cigarettes were never eco-friendly. The butts contribute to toxicity in water and soil. Cigarette smoke pollutes the air.

A box containing the Haze also provides two screens each for conduction and convection heating. These filter out particles that would burn if they came into direct contact with a heating source.

Again, the presence of convection heating in a portable vaporizer is something very special. Many handheld products only contain conduction-method heating and will burn herbs.

There are two cans for use with whatever material you like, a glass mouthpiece, one made of stainless steel, and various tools for filling and cleaning.

Glass is frequently the tastier of these two materials, but when that heats up during your vaping session, switch to the stainless steel one for a cooler experience (a water cooler plus the heat exchanger reduce risks of overheating too).

Using the Haze Vaporizer

When you first turn on the Haze, it will take about 90 seconds to reach a low setting. That’s a long time with some items currently providing instant heat.

Most high-quality devices take at least a minute to heat up. This is because the materials inside are covered for heat retention, not speedy heating. Retention is what you want.

There are 4 possible settings for vaporizing your materials because consumers like to control this feature. A heat exchanger ensures even hot herbal vapor is cooled so it is smooth when inhaled, not harsh the way herbs often are.

An LED light indicates which temperature you have arrived at by changing color. Tutorials featured on the Haze website show how it all works, so click on those to see how easy this item is to use and to maintain.

Looks can be highly deceiving and they are meant to be where vaping technology is concerned. It is fitting that an industry which banks on actors’ ability to cloak themselves in alternate personalities should be so good at disguise. The Haze resembles a flask more than a vaporizer, but a more sophisticated example than the Atmos Transporter.

Colorful Haze

Whoever designed the Haze had sophistication in mind. You will not find examples of a genuine Haze in garish purples and pinks. Instead, select Absinthe, Graphite, Orchid, or Midnight as your color. Shades like these take on a poetic air compared with grey, blue, etc.


Even though a heat exchanger is built into the Haze, water tools are popular for home use. Buy one made for this device costing about $35. A car charging adapter is priced around $25. Packages of 5 oil wicks are sold for $4.99 by the makers of Haze Vaporizers. These can be purchased directly from the company or through distributors. Many online vendors now carry this vaporizer, especially firms committed to selling only high-quality items.

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