When four vaping academics get together after a game of ice hockey, they don’t just drink beer or theoretically put the world to rights. They share real ideas, and though these might not cure the world of hunger or cancer, their ideas are tangible and focused; the kinds of ideas that could really amount to something.

That is what happened when a mechanical engineer, physicist, artist, and an environmental entrepreneur decided their vaporizers were not good enough. They could do better, they all agreed, and they thought the rest of the vaping world would see their point of view. The resulting design was the Evoke Vaporizer.

IndieGogo Collective Campaign

You have heard of campaigns to raise money through social media to create products like the Doge Competition Atomizer and other e cig related products. Designers or small companies propose plans and demonstrate prototypes of things they think will sell (not just vaporizers but any innovation).

If members of the public agree these are viable ideas, they share their money and together create a large enough amount of capital for the proposal to fly. These investors are also first to have access to the device when it is released.

In this case, they are not only the first, but when the Evoke comes out they get to buy it for a discounted price too. Eventually it is going to be priced about $400+, so there had better be something pretty special about the Evoke Vaporizer to make it worth such a breathtaking price.

The Evoke: Small Package, Big Idea

Evoke Vaporizer

There are lots of reasons you should at least consider owning an Evoke when its release goes nationwide.

For one thing, a battery is used to power magnets which create an energy field. Burning herbs (combustion) is the main drawback of most small portable vaporizers: there isn’t the room to separate heater and material sufficiently to prevent this problem.

The heating element for an Evoke is, in fact, a metal wick. The coil never comes into contact with materials because this is an induction system. This field of energy is what heats your vapor.

As a result, you do not experience hot spots, nothing burns, and your vapor never tastes like ash. With the Evoke, the wick is easily removed for cleaning and the coil does not need replacing every few weeks because it is not super-heated like regular coils in ordinary e cigs.

Different Materials, Alternate Cores

Choose a core to apply and fill it with dry herbs, concentrates, oils, or e liquids. Each one (as supplied with the Evoke kit) will work: just set your temperature via the little button on this very small, ergonomic unit which has me thinking of the remote control Captain Kirk used when he called back to the Enterprise stating “Beam me up, Scottie.” Compare its shape to an alien spaceship in miniature.

Clean Materials

Lotus Labs (made up of those 4 brainiacs I mentioned) opted to employ only the cleanest materials when building their device. They are all medical-grade and include aerospace-quality aluminum (very light, but durable), silicon, glass, and ceramic.

As a result, you do not taste anything odd in your vapor because these items won’t emit gas at user-selected temperatures and they do not influence flavor in any way. Lotus Labs is located in Redwood City, California, a state which has become synonymous with “vaporizer innovation.”

Safety and Technology

Lotus Labs chose to apply a removable lithium ion phosphate battery, a safer type of cell compared with regular lithium ion batteries. They also adopted the magnetic sealing mechanism: a door held in place by super-powerful magnets. You don’t have to wait for the device to recharge before taking another puff but replace the battery instead. It’s easy to see that vapers were behind this innovation: they know what fellow vapers are looking for.

Your PCB (internal computer) is also set up for Bluetooth compatibility. Set the temperature you want, monitor the battery, and record usage from your mobile phone. Operate the device manually using an LED-lit button.

More Details about the Evoke

After all of that, any other details are just gravy. That includes a valve system in the mouthpiece which allows you to adjust airflow to a preferred resistance and temperature. A valve also prevents leakage of liquid materials. View whatever materials you chose to fill the Evoke with through a blue diamond window.

Evoke Vaporizer and the Competition

How is the Evoke going to fare compared with other vaporizers? Storz & Bickel already opened the way for consumers to consider a price tag of more than $400 for a portable device. Really cheap ($60) 3-in-1 systems are letting consumers down, especially with regard to herbal vaping, but customers still look for that level of flexibility.

The JUUL by Pax is even smaller, but not as flexible. It looks as though the Evoke’s time has come.

Available At: http://www.vapornation.com