Elevape Smart

Few vaporizers are sold with a lifetime warranty, but the following product is. What does this tell a customer about a product? Should you be suspicious that it might need such a warranty? Probably not: products likely to break down are usually backed by 6-month warranties or shorter because their manufacturers do not want to guarantee them and have no desire to deal with your complaints.

If Elevape’s Smart Vaporizer is guaranteed for your lifetime, the company is not only prepared to stand behind the product but they also do not expect to encounter a lot of issues. In other words, build and internal parts are probably high-quality.

Elevape Smart Vaporizer in 7 Seconds

Elevape Smart Vaporizer

I’m not talking about a speed-read article but a speedy heating center. The Smart Vaporizer takes just 7 seconds to vaporize herbs loosely packed into a large chamber. Seven seconds is virtually instant. Makers iPuff USA are using powerful technology to give you control over vaping temperature 250F to 450F and to make it happen in a hurry, but that is not why they call this machine “smart.”

Connected Device

Yes, it is portable: you do not have to plug the Elevape Smart Vaporizer into a wall socket to make it work or to set a temperature, etc. If you are familiar with Bluetooth devices like SMOKTech’s box mods which come with an app, then you probably know where this is going.

Set temperatures and monitor how long or how frequently you vape with the Elevape Smart Vaporizer using an app provided with your device and compatible with a Mac or PC. Customers can expect to see more vaporizers paired with apps; it’s a popular trend.

Not a Glamour-Puss

One can easily see the physical attraction between vapers and a Firefly, Davinci Ascent, or a PAX 2. More difficult is explaining what draws a person to the Elevape Smart Vaporizer: is it personality? Could the app be what directs a consumer’s gaze this way?

It is not elegant like the Firefly, artistic like a custom-designed Ascent, or sleek like a PAX 2. In fact, it’s just box-shaped. The only other item an Elevape Smart Vaporizer could be said to resemble is a handheld camcorder without a screen or a lens. A slender black mouthpiece is fixed onto the device as well.

Perhaps the app really is what drives interest in an Elevape Smart Vaporizer or discretion might be the key. It’s all black; very functional-looking and nothing a person would automatically associate with vaporizers. A quiet aesthetic profile certainly fades into the background.

Recharge the Elevape Smart Vaporizer

When you want to get the battery back up to speed, plug the Elevape Smart Vaporizer directly into a USB outlet connecting the cord provided to a little port. There is also a wall adapter in case a laptop isn’t around and you have no other USB power source at your disposal.

You can expect the battery’s charging cycle to last a few hours and to be able to use it for an hour at least; more when the cell is new. With its built-in port, you can assume the Elevape Smart Vaporizer battery was designed to remain in the box.


On the very top of your box is a lid. Remove this to find an herb chamber. Customers highly recommend the Elevape Smart Vaporizer to their friends for its smooth vapor flavor, dense cloud production, and long sessions between refills.

They sometimes lament the lack of an LED screen but understand there is no need for one with an app as well. They would prefer a removable mouthpiece, but that’s not enough to stop them from buying the $350 Elevape Smart Vaporizer. Customer service at Elevape is excellent too.

Overall, this is really a very good machine for people who want an herbal vaporizer that won’t combust materials, uses a high-quality battery, and contains a large heating chamber. An Elevape Smart Vaporizer will come with various tools and screens plus a handy carry case.

In that price range, you will find many other products and several portable vaporizers are cheaper, but they are also smaller. The Elevape Smart Vaporizer simply holds more vapor while its technical specs help to explain why it is listed at a higher price than the glamorous items in its class. Buy one today from an authorized retailer for combustion-free vaping.

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