Da Buddha

Seventh Floor makes the famous Silver Surfer Vaporizer (not the villain from a Marvel comic book series) which took the vaping world by storm a few years ago. This beautiful, angled device also took over from where the Da Buddha left off, leaving its predecessor in the shade.

It would be a shame to leave it there as there are still many fans of the simple Da Buddha shape and style. It has its flaws, but also benefits.

Da Buddha Vaporizer

Benefits of a Cylinder

Experts say the cylinder shape sticking straight up is good because this allows vapor to cool naturally without the aid of a double helix cooling coil (like The Plenty has) or even a water cooling system (available with the Da Buddha). By the time it gets to your lips, vapor should be cool enough to taste lovely and to have lost the harshness you would notice otherwise.

Negatives of a Cylinder

The downside, however, is that your herbs tend to fall into the ceramic heater because they are placed directly over it. Of course, it is also helpful if you don’t overfill the chamber, but accidents happen. Sadly, if you burn herbs, this smell and taste gets into your lungs and can taint otherwise pure vapor sucked from a ceramic heater up a glass straw.

Ground-Glass System

The Silver Surfer can be used with or without a handheld whip. You can choose the ground-glass system or opt to hold the wand. A Da Buddha was designed as a ground-glass unit. You are meant to sit back and relax, occasionally opening the lid to stir herbs. As a result, the Da Buddha is excellent for multi-tasking: working on a crossword, sewing, or reading while vaping, for instance.

Consumer Control

How do you set the temperature for your vapor? Just turn the knob. At least that’s simple for anyone from the pre-digital generation to wrap his head around, and with some practice you won’t miss the display screen found on other desktop units. Digital temperature controls are more precise, but you will eventually know exactly where to rest the arrow on your knob for the best experience.

Your ceramic heating element glows when you are ready to vape. This should take around 90 seconds or a few minutes if you want it really hot.


The Da Buddha is made in America and costs $189. If you want a black one, that will be $20 more, but $189 buys the plain silver Da Buddha featuring an engraving of a fat Buddha. Prices don’t vary much if you go to an authorized distributor.

Buy the Kit

The price above provides everything you need to get started except herbs. This includes a power cord, ground-glass wand, and 3 feet of vinyl tubing. The glass mouthpieces, Silver Surfer Vaporizer stir stick, and replacement screens are also included.

A padded bag allows you to transport your desktop vaporizer around, perhaps from home to a friend’s house, or to protect it if you have to move. Screens should be replaced regularly to prevent the taste of your vapor from becoming stale and cleaning the device occasionally is also highly recommended.

Replacement Parts

You can buy pretty much everything separately if things get worn out or damaged. Purchase more vinyl tubing, extra screens, another wand (glass items like these are especially prone to damage), and a stir stick. You can also add extras such as the vapor tamer.

This is a further cooling tool made from hand-blown glass. Vapor goes through here first to lose more of its heat before you inhale. A vapor tamer is not only completely optional but fairly pricey. These glass items, however, are often coveted for their unique beauty since each one is original.

Competition: Da Buddha Vaporizer Review

Immediate competition is found in the form of a Silver Surfer. If you are drawn to 7th Floor by the promise of American ingenuity, this is probably the preferred device, but also a costlier product. If you stick with a silver one, though, the Silver Surfer Vaporizer can provide an affordable alternative.

There are many other excellent devices out there such as the Volcano by Storz & Bickel which, while much more expensive, has the reputation of providing many years of stellar service. Their Plenty handheld mains-powered product is also excellent, a little less expensive than the Volcano, but still $300+. Arizer’s Extreme Q remote-control, dual-method vaporizer (direct draw and balloon) provides vapers with the option to fill a bag or draw without assistance. They can heat it up remotely so it’s ready for them when they want to vape.

Yet, the simple style of 7th Floor’s Da Buddha wins nods of approval from customers who are tired of vaporizer designers trying to get too clever. If you like the minimalism of sleek silver or shiny black without a bunch of coils and lights, this is the instrument that has everything you desire.

Available At: http://www.vapornation.com