Black Scale G Pro

Grenco Science is perhaps best known for the G Pen, especially the Snoop Dogg series. They make rechargeable vaporizers for use with all types of materials in two-part format with tanks or cartridges and batteries.

Their models include minis, full-sized pens, and artistic special edition devices. They have now released a new product: the G Pro.

What is Black Scale?

This is a fashion line which has inspired Grenco Science the way visual and musical artists have inspired this company from California to create stunning designs for their pens in the past.

That is one reason you will see the Grenco Science Black Scale G Pro on Karmaloop’s page, but Karmaloop already carries Grenco Science products anyway. I guess they consider G Pens and other stylish vaporizers as accessories that go with their street-smart fashion themes.


Vaporizer Format

Grenco Science is not breaking any molds here, people. Their version of a one-piece herbal vaporizer bears a striking resemblance to the Orbit by VaporFi and other similar herbal vaporizers that make me think of tall, ornate ceramic vases for display in formal gardens on rich estates. Like these vessels, the G Pro holds plant material only and comes in black with a leather jacket.

Black Scale G Pro

There is just one button to fire the G Pro. It lights up to a particular color while the chamber gets hot. It’s not a ceramic chamber and the heating method is what you would expect: conduction, not convection.

Herb Chamber

Grenco Science built their herbal vaporizer with a stainless steel herb chamber. This thing is reputedly “heavy duty” (read G-Life, Grenco Science’s blog) which I guess means “durable.”

Stainless steel tends to be, so that’s positive. It is also neutral, meaning you probably won’t taste metal when you vaporize, although the mouthpiece might influence flavor a bit. Ceramic would be better and is usually regarded as the best medium for your herbs, but stainless steel is a good second choice.

Gain access to your herb chamber by removing the mouthpiece to reveal your clean, empty chamber capable of holding 0.6 grams of materials. Grind it finely so the heater can vaporize efficiently. Then, replace the mouthpiece and fire away. A longer mouthpiece is available and I would find out if silicone covers can be purchased as well to prevent burning your lips.

The Kit

For about $130, consumers can buy the Black Scale G Pro kit which comes with a cleaning brush, mouthpiece, filter, five filter screens, and the device.

Black Scale G Pro Kit

It is rechargeable but the battery stays inside, so once it dies you buy a new vaporizer. By then (maybe a year from now), there is likely to be something else on the market that catches your eye either from Grenco Science or some other vendor. A tray that shouts “ILLEGAL” is also included.

Recap of the Black Scale G Pro: Pros and Cons

I guess I’m jaded. It feels like if these companies are going to release new products, they should wait until they have something new to offer. The G Pro works like lots of other units: it’s not special in that sense.

Instead, the firm focuses on fashion. It’s no surprise considering their love of modern art and artists and collaboration with influential participants in popular culture.

And the Black Scale looks a little different from the shiny black or black and red versions by other vendors. Its price is about the same as VaporFi’s.

Grenco Science is also a worthy name, gaining a reputation for producing excellent products which behave as they should and produce decent vapor despite their size. They make portable, wireless devices.

Yet what’s with the “Grenco Science filters” and “Grenco Science mouthpiece?” They are all the same. I would argue you could probably swap pieces from any of these standard herbal vaporizers because they were all made in China, just with different labels and exterior finishes. Maybe the one difference is that a Grenco Science Black Scale G Pro looks better sticking out of your skinny jeans.

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