Atmos Orbit

Some reviewers have zeroed in on the bullet shape of this black, slick Atmos product; another in their long line of vaporizers. The Atmos Orbit certainly retains that shape, only elongated compared to the RX and for a higher price: about $170.

This is regarded as a “true vaporizer”; that is, while the RX will probably burn your herbs, the Orbit will only heat them until they are vaporized. Try not to get mixed up between this Atmos product and a Vaporfi device of the same name. They are both herbal vaporizers but with too many differences to be considered interchangeable.

How does Atmos Prevent Combustion?

Most materials in vaporizer cartridges (liquid, herb, or wax) are heated using an exposed coil. This coil touches the material in question which, when plant material is concerned, causes combustion. Conduction heating is not bad per se, but when your vaporizer turns into a cigarette, you are defeating an important purpose of vaping: eliminating dangerous smoke from your airways. Many pen vapes create smoke out of plant material.

An Atmos Orbit Vaporizer still heats herbs using conduction but the coil is embedded into a ceramic cartridge. It does not touch your herbs at all. This creates a better flavor, though only moderately full and smoother; not smooth according to consumers. It is a pen vape: results are not going to be as satisfying as those produced by a bigger device like the DaVinci Ascent or a Volcano.

User-Friendly Vape

The Orbit is easy to use though not necessarily as easy to clean. It’s no matter: consumers are used to their fiddly pens that don’t allow much room for scrubbing and they all have their methods for getting every last herb out of the chamber, right to the bottom.

One button gets the Orbit going and that’s it: no temperature adjustments. Press this button five times to turn it on and five times to lock it in the “off” position. You are only using dry material, so Atmos has selected what they think is an ideal temperature for herbs. After an LED light changes from red to green, you are ready to draw. Hold your button to take a puff. Another LED light has been implanted within the chamber so that you can see how much of your herbs remain to be processed: that’s a fun little addition.


Vaporizer designers know how tight the competition is in this category. To get your attention, they design gear to look as attractive as possible. The Orbit’s anodized black finish remains scratch-free. Its shape is eye-catching and contemporary. Although “eye-catching,” it’s not ostentatious and can be a stealthy little unit when you aren’t showing it off to friends. Tuck it away: there’s plenty of room in your pocket or a bag for the Orbit to fade into shadow.

Buy an Orbit Kit

The battery is rechargeable and remains inside its base. This should take a charge around 300 times. You also receive a stainless steel screen, packing tool, cleaning brush, rubber mouthpiece, chamber connector, and a charger. You can trust Atmos to produce a durable product that lasts. Treat it well, keep it clean and Orbit will perform for many months, maybe years.

Atmos Alternatives to the Orbit

Atmos makes a lot of pen styles including the RX (about $120 in several colors), but also a fancy mod called the Transporter. While the Orbit could be mistaken for a fun-looking felt pen, the sturdy Transporter makes consumers think of a whiskey flask. An Atmos Junior uses the RX format, but is smaller. An i4 is used for oils and concentrates.

The rounded Jewel vape pen can be used with wax and features 510 threading plus many color choices. Several e liquid-compatible pens have been added to their line up, such as the Blaze. Atmos is a generally colorful line seeking to produce the perfect vape pen for just about everyone by designing almost as many styles as other vape pen companies combined.