I remember when the Aromed Vaporizer was first introduced to consumers and there was a lot of talk about its usefulness as an alternative medical tool. People were able to inhale medicinal materials through the use of this device even with diminished lung capacity.

It was tested as a medical tool for sure, but it is not sold as one. You see, the German-made Aromed sold beside other vaporizers as a recreational product which is fine. Consumers make their own choices.

Personally, I would not want this item on my table for everyone to see unless it was my intention that friends start to wonder about my lung health. It has got a certain unappealing look about it.

Visually Unappealing

The fact is you can have what you want: a great-looking device which is also efficient and effective at vaporizing materials. Vape stores are full of modern choices. A desktop model can be sleek, work really well, and you will not spend more than you do to buy the Aromed machine which costs $439.99. Okay: the Volcano Classic without its valve set is a little more expensive, but it’s got a filtration system and is also made in Germany.


The Aromed box resembles the sort of thing seen in hospitals above the beds of very sick patients, placed there to control machines that keep a person alive. It is clinical and a little creepy in my opinion; not something I would give as a gift, even to a sick person. What a way to make someone feel unhealthy.

Why the Aromed

So why would a person buy the Aromed if it is aesthetically depressing?

Fans of the Aromed are going for efficiency, purity, and a few other features you do not find on a Storz & Bickel product or other competing device from the United States or Canada. One of these features is UV-free halogen heating. The other is water filtration. Add to that the use of glass and you have a neutral system safer than virtually anything else you can buy, even the Volcano.

Actually, the Herbalizer uses halogen too, and it’s a multi-purpose, modern funky little space-age machine. It also costs more than $700.

A Halogen light burns herbs cleanly without emitting UV rays and uses less energy than traditional heating. A microprocessor controls the bulb which only releases vapor from a substance when you inhale, so it isn’t constantly heating herbs when you are not using the machine. This factor contributes to upgraded efficiency of 90%: excellent.

In other words, you waste far less of your dry material this way. The glass holder allows you to watch as herbs vaporize and is also a neutral medium. Neutral materials do not release fumes into a substance when they become hot and they make no impact on the flavor of whatever they hold whether that is herbs, iced tea, or water.

If anything did get into your herbs, it would be filtered through a water tool which also cools vapor. Storz & Bickel uses other types of filters and a double-helix method of cooling, but water is good.

Sturdy and Not

Silicone tubing and the base of your Aromed are all sturdy for repeated use and transport. What is not durable is all that glass. Customers find the fragility of these parts highly frustrating and, even after taking considerable care, find they crack their dishes easily. If the makers of Aromed were to employ better quality glass, they wouldn’t encounter such difficulties. Surely, given that this is version 4, they have known about this problem throughout the various versions of their product. Borosilicate and Pyrex are great materials. Even the latest German Polycarbonate might be better than whatever type of glass they are employing in this setup.

Still Recommended

Generally, though, consumers recommend the Aromed device for its clean flavor. It comes with a black case marked “Research & Experience.” The square control box provides digital controls and a screen which enable the user to set a temperature to within price limits.

Cheaper Alternatives

You will find that the Plenty really does cool vapor nicely using its cooling coils. The Arizer Extreme Q is excellent for vapers with breathing problems, thanks to its balloon system. Vapir, Vapor Brothers, and Seventh Floor have all put out some excellent desktop models.

If compromise is not your thing then you would also bypass the Aromed for a Herbalizer and enjoy both aesthetics and performance in one package. For my money, I would still choose the Volcano if I couldn’t afford the Herbalizer and leave the Aromed to hospitals.

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