Arizer Solo

Arizer is a well respected Canadian company which makes the Extreme Q remote-controlled, desktop vaporizer and other devices. Their Solo, however, competes with a number of handheld items: the Vapir N02, Pinnacle Pro, Puffit, Firefly, and many others. An Arizer Solo vaporizer receives high ratings and is a proven winner as are all of the above, so there have to be special qualities which make the Solo stand out from the pack.

Costing Up Quality

At $224 or so, the Arizer Solo is not cheap for a handheld item but costs less than the Firefly, Pax 2, or Davinci Ascent. You can pay about $100 or so for some brands, but that will get you a device without the excellent features of a Solo or Arizer’s reputation. For that kind of money, you will probably wind up burning your herbs and there will not be the diffuser option.

Arizer’s portable herb vaporizer is not a pen vape but an advanced item which should last you for years. There are very few upgrades available, so no way to accidentally turn this $224 investment into a $500 nightmare. It is not available in disco finishes with bejeweled knobs or fancy tubing. What you see is what you get, and its simplicity wins a lot of vapers over.

The Arizer Solo Unlocked

Since the Solo is portable, it has to be powered by something — in this case, a rechargeable battery. Most portable units use these as opposed to butane, like the Iolite. That battery should last for about 3 hours on a single charge which is plenty of time to enjoy a significant vaping session. This battery powers a heater and LED temperature control; a precise heating system that tells the user when it’s time to puff.

Along the front are LED lights which indicate when a certain temperature has been reached. There are 7 lights for 7 temperatures, from 122F to 410F. As soon as the first one turns green, you are ready to vape. This can take about 2 minutes or more.

To save you from overheating the battery or using it up, Arizer installed a special feature: automatic shut-off. If you walk away for 12 full minutes without using the Arizer or you carry it around untended for that length of time, it will cool down automatically. This prevents the device from burning you and stops you from accidentally wasting herbs.

Herbs are contained in a ceramic heating chamber which is one of the healthiest materials possible. There are no toxins within its makeup to leach into your vapor and turn a healthier alternative to smoking into a portable poison delivery system.

Good Looking Product

Arizer Solo

On the front you see a slightly recessed control panel. Lights line up beneath two buttons either side of the line for setting heat up and down. Your Arizer Solo comes in black or silver with additional pieces like tubes (one bent, one straight, both glass), a battery charger, pot pourri dish, and more.

It is a great size to travel with, so buy a carry case and extra chargers for the road. You will find it light and, according to customers, small enough for your pocket. The Arizer Solo is both an herbal vaporizer and an aromatherapy diffuser great for the home, at work, or while relaxing just about anywhere. Your friends will want you to share, which could be the one and only problem caused by the Arizer — it’s just too darn good.

Glass is Usually Best

Notice that Arizer includes glass tubes — you draw from these. Glass is completely neutral, like ceramics, but it can get hot. The tubes are elongated to help dissipate some of the heat and produce a smooth, cool flavor, but you might find they become hot. Although a couple of minutes are required for charging, ceramics and glass hold their heat well so you will not be losing heat speedily.

Glass has its good and bad points as you probably noticed with items like the Silver Surfer. Tubes, stir sticks, wands, and other features are breakable. Arizer customers do not seem too worried, but their parts are replaceable just in case. Reviews suggest this is a stellar performer.

Selecting a Vape Vendor

Arizer sells their products directly over the internet, but not always for the best price. Sometimes authorized online resellers can secure such excellent prices from the company that you will do better with them. There are always free gifts floating around at these places such as grinders, bags, or perhaps free expedited shipping.

Just be sure to deal with an authorized reseller. Very low prices (say, $170 for the Arizer Solo) either indicate that you have found an unauthorized company or that Arizer is phasing out the Solo to make room for something better. When that happens, prepare yourself for something wonderful. In the meantime, enjoy great-tasting vapor and lots of it from the Arizer Solo.