Arizer Air

If the Solo was a bit large for you to take out and use in public or simply too cumbersome for portable use, the Arizer Air fixes that size problem with its diminutive profile. It is light, small, and wireless measuring 122 mm by 229 mm. Arizer says it fits in the palm of a person’s hand.

Customers agree that an Arizer Air is just the right size and not a bad price (around $220 to $260) considering all the fantastic qualities this herbal vaporizer possesses. Its canister-like shape might have some people wondering if you are sucking whipping cream out of a can though.

Three Colors, Many Choices

Choose silver, titanium, or black as the color for your Arizer Air, then you can also customize with a colored silicone sleeve.

Arizer Air Colors

This is both great for providing additional grip and a way to protect the unit at the same time. The one shown on Arizer’s web page is electric green, so your Air will be easy to spot in the dark if it’s wearing this particular coat.

Select one of five temperature settings for your vaping session: from 180 to 210 with lights that change color according to temperature. Wait no more than 2 minutes for your ceramic chamber to heat up, but because it is ceramic, your chamber retains heat well.

Being well insulated also helps keep the temperature from falling while protecting vapers from burning themselves. If left unattended for 10 minutes, the Air shuts off.

Use the Air as a diffuser or a vaporizer. This means you can set the canister-shaped device on a table, turn it on, and let a small room fill with the aroma of whatever dry herbs you like: Jasmine and Red Rose are products listed on the Arizer website. A vented top allows these lovely scents to permeate a small space.

Vapers can decide to swap out an 18650 battery for a freshly charged one when it needs to be recharged or use the Air as a pass-through device. Batteries last for about one hour of constant use which isn’t long, but being able to remove them or vape and charge at the same time makes up for short battery life.

Design Materials Matter

Everything that goes into making the Arizer Air is selected for quality. Elements are made from stainless steel, ceramic, or glass. For example, it uses glass dishes and a stainless steel stirring tool among other things. These are clean, don’t affect flavor, and make customers feel good about the vapor they are inhaling directly or when they set up their vaporizer as an aromatherapy diffuser.

Buy the Kit

An Arizer Air comes with a carry case and silicone skin to protect your product. Select a power cable for use in the UK, Australia, Europe, or North America. The package also contains an adapter, glass aroma dish, 2 glass diffuser stems, and a stirring tool. Arizer takes payments by credit card or Paypal. Arizer also sells accessories and replacements like spare dishes, stems, and so on.


Reviews of Canada’s Arizer Air

So far, customers are happy with this new product from Arizer. They say it is easy to use and a good performer. Most reviews show 4 or 5 stars out of 5; Arizer tends to be a reliable brand whatever product customers buy, but hey: everyone trusts Canadians.

More from Arizer

If this portable product is too small for you, the Solo is still available for personal vaporizing with its zipper of color-coded lights at the front and its conical shape. The Air might supersede this model, but the Extreme Q is a whole other kettle of herbs with dual-delivery design.

Attach a bag or draw air directly. Not only is the Extreme Q versatile, but it also comes with a remote control (or you can operate it from the base) and a console for holding its various parts.

Buy the Arizer Air, Solo, or Extreme Q

Where are you going to find this product and who has the best prices? You should shop around. I found that Arizer’s price was the most expensive out of three I found during a quick but not extensive search. Reputable and fussy vape stores (those that only sell a handful of devices, typically ones staff operate at home) carry Arizer products. Vape World is a very well reviewed, authorized reseller of Arizer products.

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