Vapers are stunned when they use an Alfa Vaporizer for the first time. People are always astounded when big things come out of small objects: like tiny singers belting out huge tunes or little microchips powering whole buildings full of computer technology.

The Alfa’s like that: less than 4 inches long but capable of producing lots of thick, luscious clouds of vapor from your herbal materials.

Heating Technology

The makers of this box-shaped vape must have felt that heating technology needed some upgrades in the vaporizer business; that small mods were not efficient enough. They messed around and came up with three ways to heat up your vape.

Alfa Vaporizer

One is to turn the dial and one of 3 temperatures. The second is automatic: you puff and heat is raised by 5º each time to fully vaporize your material. Third is a function where your oven rises from 374º to 428º over the course of 20 minutes automatically.

This triple threat ensures you get the most from that small load of herbs you planted in the chamber: another example of getting more for less.

Battery Powered

The Alfa operates from the power of a Lithium Ion cell. This rechargeable battery takes from 2 to 2 ½ hours to charge but provides equal that amount of time once ready to use again. A wireless vaporizer is your friend, going everywhere with you for fresh herbs in any situation you wish to vape: in the car, on a train, or during a long walk with the dog.

Two hours is usually enough time to return to a charging port again (like your laptop or a car charging adapter). If it isn’t, then you could carry a charging bank with you and replenish the cell.

Light and Comfortable

The exterior is tough but light; another reason you will love this as a portable handheld unit. Its ergonomic design was made for holding in the palm of a small hand.

It’s rounded, not sharp; delicate, yet powerful. I hate to classify vapes as male or female, but in terms of size this is a feminine machine. Men will like it too, however, for the Alfa’s stealthy style.

That tough exterior gets a little warm but not too hot to handle. Inside is an anodized oven which heats up quickly and evenly using a pin: allow just 30 seconds for your vapor to be ready. Consumers use this box at all altitudes, including some mountainous regions of the US.

They have not noticed a problem with elevated locations. Sometimes high altitudes affect the performance of a vaporizer, but if the Alfa’s designers felt this was a potential problem, they overcame it completely.

One Thought

I was struck by how similar this mod is to VW box mods by Pioneer4You, Cloupor, and Sigelei currently popular with e liquid vapers.

Although you do not attach a cartridge to the Alfa the way you would attach an RDA to a box mod (thus changing its silhouette), the Alfa still possesses a familiar shape. I would suggest the box mod format had some influence here.

Buy the Alfa

When you purchase this mod, find a longer mouthpiece or compatible silicone cover. Talk to live customer service personnel online or the vendor at your brick-and-mortar store about which accessories will fit. You could find the mouthpiece becomes too hot after a few minutes.

If I were to offer any other bit of advice it would be that you clarify packing directions. One user recommended packing tightly to get the most out of your herbs.

Usually, advice is to pack about ¾ of the way in any handheld vaporizer so there is room for air to circulate, so this is an unexpected suggestion. Alfa Vaporizers cost around $199 with a mouthpiece and charger included.