High Voltage Matrix

High Voltage considers their sub-ohm tank to be the best of its kind; the finest hybrid tank atomizer one can buy. If this is true, then the price of $29.99 is remarkable.

Note that the design comes from America; that is not the equivalent of owning a US-made product. Let’s see if the Matrix Sub-ohm tank is different or better from the rest.

US Masters of Design

High Voltage is touting their sub-ohm tank as the most advanced because it offers two air slots, uses a competition-style tip, and permits vaping at up to 80W or as low as 0.2 ohms.

Matrix Sub-Ohm Tank By High Voltage

Select one of two coils included in your package: a pre-installed 0.2-ohm Matrix Coil or a 0.6-ohm Matrix Coil. Certainly, they promise higher-watt vaping than SMOK, Kanger, and others with their tank-atomizers. Yet, they also feature a second, rebuildable atomizer head.

Five Milliliter Mega Matrix Tank

Okay: this is not the biggest tank around, but a 5-ml tank holds plenty of juice; excellent, viscous juice made by gourmet vendors in sweet flavors containing plenty of vegetable glycerin for huge clouds.

Every time you inhale, the flavor is going to be glorious because High Voltage took the high road with their Matrix Tank. They used Pyrex for the tank and stainless steel for top and bottom caps.

That high road is becoming clogged with traffic: just about every company uses the same format. It’s unusual to find a tank atomizer for sub-ohms or even low ohms that is not made from stainless steel and Pyrex glass for the same reasons High Voltage must have chosen them.

Pyrex is neutral and won’t crack when filled with kiwi and lemon juices (or other acidic types). Stainless steel threads remain smooth longer while stainless steel in general is rust-proof. At least they didn’t try to be different. Why change what isn’t broken?

Air Intake Valve

Adjust intake through the bottom airflow valve, a slot which can be widened or narrowed for stiff or easy inhalations. Another air intake valve at the tip cools vapor on its way to your lips. This is an atypical element. Airflow adjustment, however, is almost standard at the high-watt, low-resistance level.

Efficient Wicking

The makers of this tank insist that a large surface for their juice intake enables increased wicking efficiency. Your wicks will absorb more of your juice and use it up before you have to refill.

Pair it with a Mod

The Matrix Tank by High Voltage measures 22 mm in width; right for an iStick, XPV DNA-40, Cloupor T8, and many other mods of tubular or box shape. They designed this tank as an alternative to RDAs for competitors; users of high-watt vaporizers engaging in cloud chasing competitions.

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