Vaping Tanks

Electronic cigarette clearomizers, glassomizers, and tanks are often classified within the same category. Alternatively, tanks and rebuildable or dripping atomizers are frequently listed under the same heading.

Tanks share something in common with both: they are rebuildable but will be filled with around 2.5 ml or more of liquid at a time. They are frequently associated with adjustable mods whereas RDAs and RBAs are often listed alongside fully mechanical mods. The latest tanks bridge the gap between tube tanks and RDAs.

Top Names in Vaping Tanks

The best names in tank manufacturing are both Chinese: Aspire and KangerTech. JoyeTech has just entered the market too with their Delta and SMOK makes several noteworthy products. Tanks from these companies are generally reliable, but there is variety in the product style and purpose.

Vaping at Low vs. Sub-Ohms

If you are vaping with an APV, your coils are generally built for low but not sub-ohms: maybe up to 2 ohms and as low as 1 ohm. For vaping at lower than 1 ohm, your tank coils must either be pre-built, ready for your VW mod, or rebuildable.

This is where a tank becomes a hybrid: when there are either two atomizer heads for separate functions or a single atomizer head can be rebuilt. The Kanger SubTank comes with two heads so that the user can either default to the pre-wrapped format or build his own coils to a chosen resistance.

Features of Tanks

A traditional tank is combined with a cartomizer which runs through the middle of the tube and contains wick, cotton, or mesh. Japanese Organic Cotton is considered the purest material available for this purpose. New atomizer heads with the abbreviation OCC stand for Organic Cotton Coil.

Tanks come in several parts. One is the drip tip, usually a removable piece, but sometimes built into the top cap. There is a bottom cap, glass (usually Pyrex) tube, sometimes an adjustable airflow valve, and potentially an airflow valve near the mouthpiece. Within the bottom cap is an atomizer head. All of these pieces are replaceable.

Many companies supply a stainless steel sleeve with the tank or as an optional accessory. Usually, it is decorated with holes so that one can see liquid levels, enjoy the appearance of an attractive tank design, but also protect the glass from ordinary knocks which occur during normal usage.

Features One by One

Popular vaping tanks like the Nautilus and Aerotank are beloved by vapers for several reasons. One is their materials: stainless steel and Pyrex. Another is that they are economical owing to the rebuildable nature of their design. Third is the presence of adjustable airflow.


This is the part where a vaper changes the resistance of his draw, not resistance between atomizer and watts/volts. Sometimes vapers like an easy draw and perhaps they like the draw to be more restrictive.

That is not the same as cooling vapor before it gets to one’s mouth. An airflow inlet at the top, near a mouthpiece (as seen on the Aspire Atlantis) affects the temperature of vapor before inhalation, a bit like a cooling device on an herbal vaporizer but without water or a double-helix cooling coil.


There is a lot of concern in the vaping world and the regulatory arena about toxins in e liquids and vapor. This is a valid concern emanating from the fact that temperatures high enough to vaporize liquid can also release fumes from certain materials.

As mods become more powerful, they are also capable of reaching much higher temperatures. Plastic or rubber components could, potentially, release toxins into vapor which spoil the flavor and maybe even make it poisonous to a degree well below the toxicity of smoking, but still measurable.

Pyrex isn’t just tough glass; it is a neutral component which offers nothing toxic to release. The same is true of stainless steel, a hygienic and durable material that won’t start melting until it reaches temperatures no vaper wants to play with.

Popular Tanks

The Vivi Nova is an amazing, even beautiful tank. There are numerous colors you can buy and huge-capacity tanks. Prices are also excellent. Some say this is the most popular tank, but I would argue the Aspire Nautilus is even more popular and tends to run out of stock in a hurry. It possesses all the best components: airflow adjustment, Pyrex tube, and stainless steel caps.

An Aspire Atlantis is better than the Nautilus for sub-ohm vapers buying into the high-watt mod department. Consumers of this class of device prefer a low-ohm set-up because they run their mods at 50W and higher. Anything up to 80W is safe with the Atlantis.

A Subtank by Kanger is also good value for money, while Joye has released a version known as the Delta, now onto Version 2.0. Good tanks generally sell for between $20 and $40, reaching the higher numbers with more features and extras.