Volcano Inferno

When you are waxing lyrical about tropical places, you think everything emanating from such places is prettier and better than what you are familiar with.

Food tastes more satisfying. Aromas are more pleasant. Appearances are prettier. Maybe that’s the way you think of an Inferno since this e cig comes from Hawaii’s Volcano e cigs.

Volcano Inferno Review

It sure is a stunner with red, black, blue, silver, pink, purple, green, and white as your possible colors.

Inferno kit

Few US companies go to the trouble to offer so many shades. Buy a few batteries and set up multiple e cigs just to brighten up your day.

Excellent Performance

But what is color without performance? Where e cigs are concerned, looks are nothing without power. Don’t worry though: Volcano’s Inferno is a work horse of 650 mAh or 900 mAh: many hours worth of vaping.

Your kit comes with one each, and they are both pass-through batteries, so if one needs charging but your spare isn’t close to hand, plug the cord into your laptop and keep going. A similar item would be the V4L Zeus if you want something to compare the Inferno to. Like V4L, Volcano also provides the security of an excellent reputation.

Starter Kits for the Inferno

Your package costs $79.99 and is good value when you consider the market. US brands are generally pricier than Kanger or Joye when you purchase a two-battery kit, but even so this package contains more than the usual starter set from your low-cost vape vendor.

It comes with two BCT tube tanks, 15 ml of e liquid in your choice of flavor and strength, a USB charger and a wall adapter, plus 3 extra 1.8-ohm atomizers. If you bought all of that separately, you would pay over $100.

Recommendations from Volcano

Volcano’s website is set up so that when you look at a product, recommended extras and replacements you know you’ll want eventually are also shown beneath the product and in the right-hand sidebar. You can see immediately that a replacement battery costs $19.99, either size, and a matching lanyard is $4.99.

Carry cases cost $9.99. Buy three new coils for $12.99. Cones are recommended in two sizes for both batteries: $3.49 each. Volcano considerately finds information rather than making you go looking.

Luscious E Liquid

Here’s where Volcano really plays on their tropical image: with names for their American-made e liquids. Titles like “Maui Mango,” “Bluewater Punch” (citrus), and “Shark’s Clove” are sure to put you in mind of hot sand and blue water. Other flavors like Butterscotch, Cotton Candy, Menthol Burst, and Tobacco Pure (roasted almond, dried raisins, and clove) are sure to inspire plans for a holiday on the South Pacific.

A 15-ml bottle costs $12.99 but a better value is their 30-ml bottle for $19.99. They also offer discounts when you order multiple bottles in single flavors and list a flavor of the month for a much reduced price.

More Hardware from Volcano

The Inferno is Volcano’s mid-level product. Before that there was the Magma, a cigalike in black or white with a portable charging kit. After becoming used to the Inferno and its higher output, the Volcano LavaTube 2.5 VV/VW vaporizer is an obvious and beautiful next step.