Variable Wattage And Voltage

As the market for box mods continues to heat up and wattage rates run higher (with even lower sub-ohms as a result), vape pens are frequently overlooked. It would be a shame to forget these portable pens. They might not reach the same highs and lows but, as a result, they are often cheaper and safer.

Things to Keep in Mind

When you search for a vape pen, get the latest edition. Many vape pens offered variable voltage but now provide variable wattage. Reliable companies have probably moved the remainder of their old stock by now; not too many manufacturers make strictly variable voltage APVs anymore. If you just want to switch through a short voltage range, you are looking at Spinners and Twists (devices with rotating knobs at the base usually). The Vision Spinner and JoyeTech eGo Twist are two excellent examples.

Brands of Excellent Variable Voltage/Wattage Vape Pens

Most companies these days offer adjustable models, but not all of them make use of the pen-style device. Many have moved on to box mods. A few companies, however, continue to provide the slender cylinder such as Smok, Innokin, Tesla, and VaporFi. Some larger devices like the JoyeTech eVic Supreme and Cloupor T8 were simply too big, in my opinion, to be included here; more like mods.

Vamo V5

Many of the top reviewers and experts in the vaping industry have provided glowing reports about the Vamo line, including their V5. This modĀ operates between either 3 and 6 volts or 3 to 15 watts: one or the other, your choice.

Press one of two buttons to adjust values. The chip is set up for RMS accuracy and powers an OLED screen as well.

Use an IMR 18650 protected battery (sold separately) or buy a kit which comes with the battery. This will add just a few dollars to the price which starts at around $45. That chip I mentioned also displays resistance and allows you to lock the battery on or off using the large firing switch.

Volcano LavaTube 2.5

Volcano Lavatube v 2.5

Essentially, a LavaTube is the same as a Vamo, but you can buy it in several colors and as part of a starter kit. Volcano is also an e juice maker and sells all the spare parts you need so, while you probably pay more for the Volcano than you would for a Smok Vamo V5, Volcano provides a full package of products so you don’t have to think about compiling everything.

Smok Rocket

SMOK rocket

Here is another device by Smok with dual modes in stainless steel with a magnetic central knob rather than buttons like the Vamo. The Smok Rocket costs around $80. A change of light tells you which mode you are in: white for voltage and blue for wattage. A positive spring-loaded pin helps to prevent shorting your circuit. There is no screen on the Rocket but values are etched onto a ring around the knob. It was well named and really does resemble a rocket.

Innokin iTaste SVD

iTaste SVD

Few companies are as well represented at e-tail e cig stores as Innokin, especially with their iTaste line which includes the MVP 2.0, 3.0, and Pro. Their SVD (Superior Vaping Device) offers the same range as a Vamo V5: 3V to 6V and 3W to 15W. It comes with a removable beauty ring, turns on and off, and uses a display to tell you where your power levels are at. The display shows your battery life, resistance, and power setting.

Tesla Tube Mod

Tesla Mod

This VV/VW device uses an 18650-rated battery and contains a built-in chip. Read the OLED display to find out how many volts or watts you are running at. The Tesla’s design is unique among vaping devices and, like the Rocket, well vented, but with ridges instead of pinpoint holes. Grip on this thing is excellent and the shape is distinctive. Reverse battery protection prevents a Tesla from breaking if you put the battery in the wrong way around.

VaporFi Rebel II

vaporfi rebel ii

A full kit for the VaporFi is not cheap (about $180), but that comes with a charger and a 4-ml tank rated 2.6 to 2.8 ohms. The great thing about VaporFi is that their batteries are compatible with many different tanks from their own selection and from other companies.

If you want lower resistance, that is no problem, as long as you do not go for sub-ohms. A 15W, 4A maximum output is not going to let you chase clouds. Still, the VaporFi Rebel II is protected by a microchip, uses a screen to display volts, watts, and battery power, and accepts two battery sizes: 18350 or 18650.

Where to Buy these Mods

Your usual vendor probably carries at least one of the above mods because they fit into two categories: the low- to mid-experience range which includes 501 and eGo batteries and the mid- to high-experience range leading to box mods and mechanical devices. Knowledgeable sales people will help you pair your device with a perfect tank, but not an RDA or an RBA in all likelihood.

They tend to be capable of such low resistance that they are too complicated and expensive for what you are up to. Excellent accompanying tanks include the Aspire Nautilus, Kanger Aerotank or Genitank. The Vivi Nova is also excellent. You’re going to notice that the flavor you produce through these vessels with adjustable airflow is improved, thanks to the excellent control you now have over heat and airflow, so sit back and enjoy this new found sense of power.

Another Note of Caution

Remember that these are tube mods, so you have to purchase a rechargeable lithium battery or one might be included in your package if you purchase a kit. You should always use protected (IMR) batteries and only brands suggested by the vendor. This will protect you from any potential damage caused by high heat and over-discharge since IMR batteries are built with safeguards and these safeguards work; not like cheap cells.