Vaporfi Pro Series

One of the top sellers if not the top seller at Vaporfi is their Pro Series e cigs. They fall into the “Ego” category because they are manually operated, threaded like Ego devices, and their batteries are in that half-day range associated with Ego batteries too. Aesthetically, they are more like the Kanger EVOD (also like an Apollo Luminous Battery) with the MT3S clearomizer attached. The cost of the kit is $49.99 for a one-battery kit with a single clearomizer.

Three Sets by Vaporfi

There are actually three headings for the Pro Series and various prices. Choose the Black, Colors, or Platinum Kit. They are not just externally different. Each one is unique in some way.

The Black Set

Vapor Fi Pro

This is considered the basic starter kit for $49.99 with a charging set, Pro-L clearomizer (2.5 ml), 650-mAh battery, and 3 replacement atomizers of 2.2 ohms. Replacements come in 1.8- and 2.5-ohm resistance as well. This e cig measures 5.75″ when assembled.

Pro Series in Colors

Vaporfi Pro E-Cig Colors

The “Colors” Set contains a single battery and clearomizer, plus chargers, but no spare atomizers. Select yellow, pink, red, maroon, etc. for both the top and bottom or select two colors. An initial price is $48.97, but you can customize from a 1.5-ml clearo to the Pro-XL 3-ml clearo for another $3. Add $3 again if you want a 1000-mAh battery too.

Platinum Pro

VaporFi Platinum Pro

A Platinum Pro Collection contains a regular 650-mAh battery. You receive chargers as usual. There are extra atomizer coils (two Pro-L 2.2-ohm coils) and two extra O-rings. You also receive the larger Platinum tank: a transparent Pyrex and stainless steel product which is excellent for high quality liquids.

Compare this with a Nautilus by Aspire, for instance, or a Kanger Protank. Although the battery’s power is not equal to the needs of sub-ohm vapers with high-vegetable glycerin juices, the tank begs to be filled with excellent liquids, including some which would have cracked a polycarbonate clearomizer.

When both parts are combined, the look is top-heavy and length is 6.25″: a full half inch more than the regular Pro. That could be a problem for some vapers as longer e cigs might make them self conscious, but then there is always the platinum-colored regular Pro set as an alternative, just without a transparent Pyrex tank. Consumers who love this combo might also be interested in higher-power products by Vaporfi.

Vaporfi Suggestions

Descriptive writing for the Vaporfi Pro (regular) set suggests there are control options, as though you can change voltage or something. That’s not true. A regular Pro battery is manual, for sure, but not variable. If you want variability then you have to purchase a VV Pro 1000-mAh battery separately for $29.99. Replacement batteries for the other two are $24.99 (640 mAh) and $27.99 (1000 mAh, no voltage variability).

More from Vaporfi

Florida’s Vaporfi has extended their line in just 12 months to include several e cigs which beginners could use: the Express, Air, Pro, and Pulse. Even though the Pulse appears complex, this image is derived mostly from appearance: a small screen at its base for reading your puff count and a circular, wireless stand-charger.

Some consumers even believe that the Rocket and Rebel e cigs are fairly user-friendly, although Vaporfi recommends that customers gain experience with easier items before trying them. The Rebel II, in particular, provides many options such as adjustable airflow and variable wattage. A Vox 50 is only for experienced vapers: individuals who know what to do with 50 watts and an RDA; people who vape artisan, viscous juice and might even be willing to wrap their own coils.

With every set, Vaporfi provides a host of accessories and spare parts, many of them interchangeable. A lot of their tanks and clearomizers can be used on multiple Vaporfi devices, could be attached to devices by other manufacturers, or will accept tanks or batteries from outside the Vaporfi range.

Vaporfi e juice is made in the United States to very high standards. Their lab is FDA-approved and ingredients are USP-grade. Prices for juice are great; very affordable. Selection is amazing, tantalizing, and customizable.

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