Starter Kits

A “starter kit” is a bundle that contains essential elements allowing you to use an electronic cigarette which is new to you. It could be a brand new concept in your life or just a new model that has intrigued you for some time. Here are some tips for finding the best vape pen starter kits. Price is only one consideration.

What’s Your Level?

Where are you starting from? Do you already have a lot of gear that will be compatible with the new item you are buying? If so, then your starter kit should only contain the bare essentials: maybe a new charging cord, but not necessarily a case; batteries for a mod but not e juice if your favorite brand is set in stone.

As a brand new vaper, there are three elements you must have: two batteries, pre-filled cartomizers, and a USB charger. Extras would include blank cartridges, perhaps e liquid, a wall charging adapter, car adapter, portable charging case, a USB pass-through e cig, and lanyard.

One battery is not going to get you very far in the mini cig department since it is going to need recharging less than half-way through your day. An eGo cig might last you the entire day if it is rated high enough or you don’t smoke that much. A bundle for advanced vapers will contain a mod, battery, tank, and charger.

Company Names

US brands making reasonable, assorted cigalike kits include Halo, Triple 7, VaporFi, and Eonsmoke. Atlantic, Eversmoke, and South Beach Smoke also make them. The list is pretty long: just know that these companies and others create bundles which save you money compared with buying articles one piece at a time. Several of them provide upgrades to the eGo-type device such as a Halo Triton or the South Beach Smoke Curve.

Many all-purpose vapor stores also carry starter kits. The manufacturer sells them in bundle form or a vapor store compiles them, offering customers the option to choose this or that tank with a particular battery (the Aspire CF, Vision Spinner II, JoyeTech eGo-C, Kanger EVOD, and others.) These are sold in cases or cheap-looking but affordable blister kits.

Really Good Pen Kits

As for the best vape pen starter kits, you need look no further than the eGo market and local or online retailers with their single and double sets. They are excellent value at around $40 to $60 (for one or two batteries, respectively).

Kanger: the Kiss of Quality

The Kanger EVOD with its MT3 tank (covered with a window) is an excellent performer, does not pose any leak issues, and lasts for several hours when charged. Battery sizes begin at 650 mAh and there are VV “Twist” versions as well.

Kanger’s E-Smart is great value too, again in part because the brand name should reassure you of its inherent quality. This time we go up the scale considerably from one of the world’s smallest batteries to a small version of the EVOD. Imagine what that well-known battery would look like if it was only worth 320 mAh. The switch would still be flush with its surroundings. An E-Smart kit, costing around $30 with two batteries, also contains two matching 1.3-ml clearomizers. It is simple to use and a stunningly inexpensive alternative to cigalike batteries with mini tanks.

JoyeTech Products

Any eGo kit from JoyeTech is a great value option. Vape stores carry a JoyeTech eGo-C kit with basic atomizers and matching cones for around $55.

A JoyeTech eRoll is good value and a slick competitor. Just bearing the JoyeTech name is a good sign, but in this case customers get a special treat with the eRoll PCC. It is a tiny e cig: about the same as a real cigarette but with 90 mAh of power or one tenth the potential of a large eGo battery. A practical feature of the eRoll is its removable atomizer head which enables you to re-use the cartridge longer.

Innokin Innovation

There are numerous examples of Innokin starter kits such as the Lily, CLK, and VTR. The Innokin iTaste MVP (2.0 or 3.0 plus the 60W) is sold by a variety of companies with just a charger or in bundles with iClear tanks. These kits are excellent value, especially considering the MVP is a VW device and a battery bank. Even though this is advanced-level stuff, the MVP is very easy to use. Some companies package the MVP with their own e liquid.

Aspire to Replace Cigarettes

Aspire kits are popular right now because Aspire can provide the tank and battery. A Carbon Fiber (CF) battery and an Atlantis or Nautilus tank work perfectly together. Aspire make the world’s highest-rated e cig tanks and their battery contains built-in safety, plus it feels great in your hands.

Halo for Pure Performance

The Halo Triton is durable and leak-resistant, not to mention comfortably coated and vibrant in one of 11 possible finishes. At under $60 for a 2-battery set, you will do well with this one. Choose a small battery or a medium sized one and you can upgrade to larger cells later. Don’t forget some of their famous e liquid when you order the kit and keep a stock of replacement tanks on hand.

Time to Try Vapor with VaporFi

VaporFi’s Pro Series is also excellent value and comes in several colors and configurations. While the Triton’s threading is proprietary, VaporFi chose to design devices with compatible threads. Use one of several VaporFi tanks or clearomizers on a Pro battery or look beyond the brand to items from Aspire, Kanger, and others.

The Pro starter set costs from $50 and up depending on what size of tank or battery you go for, 650 mAh being the usual and an EVOD style battery with peek-a-boo tank as its default pairing. VaporFi makes many types of e cigs like the Rebel II, Rocket, and Vox, but the Pro is their economical option that’s very easy to use even for new vapers. No wonder it’s a best-seller.