Lists of top portable vaporizers frequently feature this sleek device by UpTech: the Persei Vaporizer. It is a multi-use pen for concentrates and oils unlike the O-Phos (used with essential oils only), and is regarded by experts as one of the best — if not the best — devices in its class. Explore the elements of a Persei and decide for yourself if this vape pen is worth $150 to $200.

The Persei Vaporizer: Celestial Quality

Persei cartridges are free of wick or cotton, materials usually found in cartridges filled with liquids. These materials soak up liquids which are then heated by a coil, but when they dry out their burnt smell and flavor is highly unpleasant. A Persei’s design does away with that problem.

Persei Vaporizer

The Bender attachment allows vapers to transform their liquid/wax vaporizer into a portable herb pen. This accessory is not included with their kit but is sold separately by vendors such as Vapor Town USA.

Reviews suggest you can trust estimates by Delta 9 saying customers can puff 400 times on a single charge of their rechargeable cell. If anything, this could be an underestimation. Consumers aren’t used to that situation: usually, brands exaggerate puff limits.

Vape Pen Va-Va-Voom

A black exterior is trimmed with silver, like a classy dress for special occasions. Dress it up or down: the Persei is small and discrete without attachments. The exterior is made of aluminum for a light feel but sturdy service, so if you drop it or step on it, the Persei will not crack or break. Since it’s a cylinder, this vaporizer will more likely roll.

If I had to compare its appearance to something other than a portable vaporizer I would say the Persei reminds me of a perfume mister when the cap is on. Take it off and it’s hard to deny you are holding something totally different: maybe a tiny BBQ lighter; but by that time you are among other vapers who don’t care.

Purchasing the Persei Kit

Your starter kit sold by reputable dealers will come with a charger, so you do not have to go looking for a compatible one. The battery can be removed too and you have the choice of installing an 18650 or 18350 battery.

Two 18350 batteries are included, an aluminum mouthpiece, fill tool, and battery adjustment tool. This enables users to keep a charged cell ready to replace a spent one instead of waiting for the Persei to charge up, which could take a couple of hours otherwise.

The liquid cartridge contains a ceramic rod: this cartridge is included in the kit. An herbal cartridge contains Kanthal wire: that’s the Bender sold separately.

Presentation is lovely and careful. Delta 9 packages their top-rated vape pen in molded foam so parts do not roll around in transit.

Warnings Regarding the Persei

The one alarming side note here is that Persei’s manufacturers recommend caution when setting voltage. The range is 3.7 volts to 7.4 volts: enough to get into trouble.

If you set it too high or too low, it’s possible to ruin your device, so read instructions fully. Reviewers also say it takes a bit of work to set up the Persei: it’s not a press-and-go kind of unit, at least not initially.