How much have you budgeted to purchase a portable vaporizer pen? Is this your go-to device for almost all situations away from an outlet? Do you even use a desktop, plug-in model? Maybe you only want a small pen for a very few situations, like when you’re vaping in the car or during lunch break at work?

You can expect to pay anything from $100 to $200 for a really good pen vape, particularly for using herbs without burning them. If you vaporize essential oils, it is possible to spend a little less money and do fairly well for yourself because the primary problem with herb pens isn’t an issue with liquids. The O-Phos Vaporizer only heats essential oils and costs around $55.

The O-Phos In-depth

The O-Phos pen vape is made by UpTech, also known for their Omnicron and Persei vaporizers. If you liked those devices, you know what to expect from the O-Phos where build quality and performance are concerned.

O-Phos Vaporizer Pens

The O-Phos is an eGo-style vaporizer, so if its appearance rings some bells with you, that is probably because of its resemblance to e cig pens and the EVOD button configuration by Kanger and manufacturers who adopted its effective style for vaporizing e liquids.

Sealed with a KISS

Tanks for the O-Phos are known as “KISS” cartridges and they do not have wicks or cotton inside. Those are the parts that get dry in a liquid pen and can cause vapor to taste burnt, so their absence is seen as a clear advantage.

Your ceramic chamber holds its temperature well and, being inert, makes no impact on flavor. Titanium cartridges can be purchased separately as well. Cartridges connect to a self-adjusting pin.

Vaping Efficiency

Users are calling this an efficient device. That means it vaporizes most of the essential oils in your cartridge leaving minimal waste. Its 900-mAh battery, true to UpTech’s eGo inspiration, lasts for several hours.

That kind of power can lead to overheating, burnt fingers, and melted wires, but the O-Phos automatically shuts off after 7 seconds in case you forget to stop puffing. Many feel that 7 seconds is a little too soon and could be one of few frustrations vapers encounter with the O-Phos. Ten seconds is a typical shut-off time.

The O-Phos Starter Kit

O-Phos Starter Kit

Get hold of this small, discrete vaporizer pen from companies such as Delta 9, Vapor Nation and Planet Vape where the Persei and Omnicron are also available. They sell it with a charging cable, ceramic cartridge, mouthpiece, and carry case included.

These authorized dealers can also set you up with accessories such as the Titanium cartridge. You will notice that there isn’t any way to vary voltage, so don’t try connecting compatible herb cartridges: the O-Phos was not designed for multiple temperature settings.

Another Product by UpTech

The Persei is an excellent and well-liked oil/herb pen that sometimes features in top 10 lists compiled by industry experts. Its cosmic name is followed up by a futuristic, wick and cotton-free design which prevents the dry taste as has been mentioned above. As multi-use pens go, this vaporizer for around $150 is a great portable product with variable voltage installed so you can adjust according to the materials in your chamber.

Although the Persei (priced around $150) is almost 3 times as expensive as the O-Phos, it provides better value to the vaper who is not restricted to essential oils and has the expertise to choose voltage with care. Black with silver trim, this is another good-looking device from a competent company.

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