What matters most to you as a vaper? Do you care about discretion or power? Should a device be stylish or produce big clouds? Are you content to vaporize concentrates or must a pen vaporize herbs?

What if you could have (almost) all of this in one product? The MicroG Vaporizer by Grenco Science has the potential to fulfill your needs.

One Drawback

The only thing missing from the MicroG is the capacity to vaporize herbs. If you could attach a cartridge that works with dry materials instead of being limited to wax and essential oils, that would make this pen almost perfect. Otherwise, it has got everything else going for it.

Stylish Ellipse

The MicroG is a vape pen: the type of vaporizer which could be passed off as a writing implement or a tube of lipstick, hand lotion or perfume.

MicroG Pen

If someone asks what it is and you don’t want to be straight with him, just say it is a bottle of perfume but it ran out or they can’t have any. No one will be the wiser. With its matte black finish, it is stealthy yet fashionable. Like your little black dress, it goes with everything.

Technical Specs

Inside this small pen is a wick and coil system similar to that of an e cig. The coil is what your battery causes to heat up and the wick absorbs wet material which is heated to vaporization point.

Coils wear out regularly at which time you have to replace them. It would seem this is done by installing a new inner metal head, not the entire cartridge/lid.

That accounts for the top of your pen vape. The bottom is your battery. It does not resemble a plain battery but a lower cartridge which, in a pen, would hold ink. This is rechargeable via a USB port.

Your kit from Grenco Science (if it is a genuine kit from an authorized dealer) will contain a compatible USB charger plus a wall adapter in case you are not near a computer with an available port for recharging.

Microg kit components

Allow yourself up to 2 hours to recharge. Chances are it won’t take that long, and I say this because a battery usually takes as long to charge as it would last in continuous use.

Reports on the Battery

It turns out this battery does not have legs but runs out of juice fairly quickly. You might be annoyed by that, but the MicroG is your portable pen, not your main device.

When you get home you will probably resort to using a more powerful desktop unit, though Grenco Science’s device does produce excellent clouds for such a small unit. Maybe that’s one reason the battery cuts out so quickly: it produces a lot of power. Vaporizing concentrates requires higher temperature than herbs.

Another possible reason for low battery power is that there is no automatic overtime shut-off. You can puff for 12, 15, or 20 seconds and the MicroG Vaporizer will not stop you. Most pens will shut you down after 8 to 12 seconds.

Where to Buy the MicroG Vaporizer

Grenco Science sells their devices through a growing network of distributors. This includes their website, some online vape stores, and Karmaloop online fashions. Grenco Science carries the MicroG for about $80 and prices go up to about $100 from other vendors.

Make sure your kit contains at least the charging kit, 4 cartridges plus 2 glass containers for concentrates, 3 cleaning tips, a tool/keychain combo, a mouthpiece, and sleeves for the mouthpiece. Those protect your lips when the unit gets hot and also allow you to pass it around. All you want to share is vapor, not germs.