Innokin ITaste EP

Normally, a pen-vape refers to a pen-shaped herbal or wax vaporizer. But I’m using the term here because an Innokin iTaste EP really does look like a pen. It’s even got a cap with a piece to slide over your pocket seam and could pass for a writing implement with almost anyone in every respect but the angularity of its shape. The EP is small enough too, even at 650 mAh.

Classy Innokin iTaste EP

Some of the pretty, slim e cigs are so feminine you’d almost expect to see them in a child’s pencil case. Pink, floral designs, bling: they all create a girlie impression. The iTaste EP electronic cigarette is available in several shades but they aren’t candy-floss sweet.

iTaste EP

Apart from black, there’s a lovely maroon, very nice for a female but also suitable against the silk business shirt of a man sitting behind his mahogany desk and spinning in a leather chair like a schoolboy. E cigs are all about contrasts and, in some ways, deception. Let out your inner boy behind closed doors and maintain a respectable appearance in front of an audience, all without having to tuck the pen away.

Battery Light Indicators

Innokin’s iTaste products implement a colored-light system to indicate the level of your battery’s charge. Red stands for “low battery, charge right away.” A yellow light indicates your charge is about 50%. When the light is green, you don’t have to worry about your battery for a while.

Following colors is easy. Some brands set off a flashing at various intervals to indicate battery charge which is harder to follow. A 650-mAh EP cell should last you 5 to 6 hours once it’s fully charged.

Concerned for your Safety

The Innokin iTaste EP’s protective chip prevents your device from short-circuiting, which also protects your atomizer. If anything unsafe is detected, the EP shuts off. Holding the manual firing button down for more than 10 seconds is considered “overtime vaping” which could overheat the battery and coil. That is why the iTaste EP shuts off after 10 seconds.

Buy the Innokin iTaste EP

Consumers will find this Innokin item at vape stores online for around $20 with a set of iClear 10 clearomizers and a charger. They can also buy batteries separately. The EP is not hard to use: just press the firing button and go. Voltage is pre-set at 3.5V so you don’t have to adjust anything. As long as refilling clearomizers is not daunting and one isn’t likely to get the EP mixed up with a real pen, a beginner can use this vaporizer as an entry point to vaping.

Also by Innokin

Another pen-shaped device by Innokin is their iTaste VV V.4. In many respects, it’s the just a larger version of the EP, but with other benefits. Consumers can adjust output and read the results on a screen.

The VV battery is more powerful at 1000 mAh, so your vapor clouds will be thicker, but it’s not a sub-ohm machine with a maximum of 15W. Innokin also makes the highly popular MVP 3.0 capable of VW vaping. The MVP is also a portable charging source for any device that recharges via USB port.