Halo Triton

The Halo Triton has become a legend in the e cig business. Its enduring success can be attributed to several factors, not least of all quality of build. One can’t forget, too, that Halo is an excellent American electronic cigarette company.

The ability of a customer service team to make customers happy often influences the way they feel about products for the better. Does the Triton merit such praise?

Halo Triton Review

The Triton is genuinely a good product. A single negative I will point out right from the start is its proprietary threading. Customers are not meant to find other tanks for their battery; tanks made from glass or tanks with adjustable airflow.

The Triton is designed to work exclusively with Crystal Clear Tube Tanks and proprietary charging devices. With that negative out of the way, we can concentrate on this colorful addition to the intermediate vaping market.


Each of 4 battery sizes is considerably more powerful than a mini cig like the lovely Halo G6. The lowest power available is 400 mAh. Customers can select this or 650 mAh for the batteries in a starter kit. Cells sold separately also come in 900 mAh and 1300 mAh sizes.

Starter Package

There’s just one kit at one affordable price: $64.99. Packages contain two batteries and two Crystal Clear Tanks. Customers simply pick a color and everything will match. Besides Black and Titanium, Halo provides two shades of green, Yellow Jacket, Iridescence, Deep Purple, Midnight Blue, Demon Red, Princess Pink, and Mocha.

Halo Triton Kit

To create a seamless appearance to your e cig, a 35-mm matching cone will be supplied. The kit contains a case, USB charger, and a wall adapter. E liquid is not supplied, but this price for a 2-battery kit is decent.

Besides, customers report that the Triton battery is well built and durable. Their tanks are made from plastic, plain or tinted in one of 6 colors. Replace yours for $6.99.

Comparing Prices

I must say that you can buy a 2-battery Kanger or eGo kit from some retailers for around $50. Halo’s package, on the other hand, contains a wall adapter and cone, neither of which is supplied in those cheaper sets.

Stock up on E Liquid

The Triton Halo package does not contain e liquid. Halo sells 7-ml bottles from their Purity range for $5.99 and 30 ml for $19.99 in 5 strengths and over 20 varieties. Their list of flavors includes Malibu, Kringle’s Curse, Tribeca, and Sub Zero.

Halo Purity e juice isn’t any old house blend: numerous high-end retailers opt to sell this brand alongside gourmet flavors. Purity e juice is made in a US, FDA-approved facility from USP-grade ingredients.

Replacing Batteries

A single battery costs from $15.99 and up. That is the price of a 400-mAh replacement. Add $1 for a 650-mAh battery, another $1 for 900 mAh, or pay $19.99 for a 1300-mAh battery that is going to last you an entire day, maybe the weekend.

Variable Voltage spinner-style units cost $29.99. While all colors are available in the regular format, VV Triton cells come in Iridescence, Jet Black, Midnight Blue, and Princess Pink.

It’s not a bad idea to have one on standby in case your Triton battery begins to lose power after numerous charges, it gets lost down the sofa, or you want a spare for your drawer at the office. The price is reasonable too.

Double Points Deal

Right now, before summer hits, is a great time to take advantage of spring deals at Halo. They are offering double reward points on purchases of e liquid; points you can turn around and use to buy more batteries, tanks, or e liquid. Just type in the code when you place an order.