Apollo Valiant

Manufacturers know that to really get your attention with a single battery, it has to be adjustable. Egos are easy for even newbies to use, but adjustable voltage batteries provide something extra. The Valiant by Apollo is a VV/VW cell that will change the way you experience vapor.

The Next Step in Vaping

Say that, up until recently, you have been vaping with an eGo by JoyeTech or a Kanger Evod battery and clearomizer. The power and vapor you enjoyed was a step up from cigalikes, but something was missing.

No, you want greater warmth and better voltage regulation than a Twist or Spinner-style battery can supply. If that is where you stand right now, an adjustable system is your logical next step.

These batteries do not have to be intimidating or complicated. The Apollo Valiant certainly isn’t complex, but it’s impressive and affordable.

Apollo Valiant Review

Apollo starter kits Apollo Valiant

This battery, costing $39.95, provides 3 to 6 volts or 3 to 15 watts of power. You decide. An ohms meter is built in, so if you choose to set watts, the device will automatically select voltage according to the resistance of your chosen atomizer.

Do not attach an atomizer for sub-ohm vaping: 15W cells are not sufficiently powerful for cloud-chasing. You can use almost any other eGo-compatible clearomizer, however, such as the ProTank 3.

A Valiant will work with eGo or 510-threaded tanks which opens you up to a wide field of options. They include iClear tanks, CE4s and CE5s, the Aspire Nautilus, and Aerotanks.

Smart Device

The Valiant will protect you from a shorted circuit which can be caused by numerous things. There is a tiny computer on-board which monitors and displays power, resistance, and so on.

If you would rather set volts but are not sure how to go about this safely or effectively, a power chart is supplied showing ideal voltage for various levels of resistance. A 1300 mAh rating means you can vape for hours every time the Valiant is fully charged.

Starter Kit

For the best value, add $10 to the price of a Valiant battery and order a full kit. This will contain a charger, tank, and 10 ml of juice. Two replacement atomizer heads are also included.

Apollo packages the Valiant with a Kanger ProTank measuring 2.5 ml, glue-free, made of metal and Pyrex. Sold separately, these tanks cost $16.95 so you are obviously getting a good deal when you purchase the starter package.

Valiant batteries come in 5 colors. Select a vivid teal, red, or purple. Choose stealthy black or crisp stainless steel.

Fill the Tank

With so many gourmet e liquid businesses in California producing hand-made products, you could be rightfully bewildered by your choices. Apollo makes high-quality juices at their Northern California lab where the process is supervised by a trained chemist.

Select from 30+ flavors made with US-sourced vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol such as tobacco varieties, menthol and mint styles, and sweet vapes. They contain as much as 2.4% nicotine and zero-nicotine is also available. Buy a 10-ml bottle for $6.95 or, as noted above, the kit contains e liquid.


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