Best Vape Pens

The Top 3 E-liquid Pens

There are lots of pen-style batteries you buy independently from clearomizers and tanks, such as the Innokin iTaste VV4, Vision II, and Nanchaku. A number of mods are tube-shaped but not really pen-like because they are too wide at 19 mm and more. They feature screens too and aren’t as discrete as these little eGo-style devices. The following three vape pens are kits with an e-liquid tank or clearomizer and battery plus chargers. They come from the industry’s top names too, all of them Chinese.

1. Innokin CLK

These are attractive pens sold in several colors which combine the Innokin CLK with a dainty Innokin iClear 16 clearomizer. Make the most out of your e-juice and purchase a user-friendly one-button system with 800mAh battery power for several hours of vapor enjoyment. To re-charge, just plug a cord between the micro-port on one side and USB power source. A battery-light indicator tells you when your battery is getting low on voltage. This is a stylish pen, but don’t be fooled by looks: it really performs.

2. Kanger EVOD 2

Accept no pretenders; insist on purchasing an authentic Kanger EVOD 2 from a participating retailer. Though many manufacturers copy the style, a real Kanger EVOD 2 is better. The authentic device features regulated 3.7V output for long-lasting battery power and consistent performance, from first puff to last. The single on-off button is set right against the frame so it does not stick out and spoil the smooth finish of your battery. Another bonus is that it won’t be pressed by mistake. A bottom coil produces loads of vapor and can also be replaced, helping vapers work within a budget. A 650mAh rechargeable cell operates for half a day once charged and is compatible with other Kanger clearomizers besides the matching 1.6-ml EVOD device such as a Protank. The two EVOD 2 parts go so nicely together, however, especially when they are color coordinated. They share the same diameter after all and a covered e-juice tube promotes a pen-like appearance.

3. JoyeTech eGo Tank Kit

This slender eGo-type vape pen from top manufacturer Joye comes with a covered 1.2-ml tank (worth several hours of vaping once full) and two 1000mAh batteries. This is the original Joye eGo style in black; so easy for new vapers to use or as an upgrade from the mini cig format. Even advanced vapers sometimes like to have one of these simple manual systems hanging around while their bigger mods are recharging or for a laid-back vape break. The battery is lockable. Low resistance coil replacements are available and run somewhat hotter than higher resistance coils. There is a 2-ml Mega Tank too. Your kit comes with two batteries, two tanks and atomizers, 5 tank cartridges, a USB charger, wall adapter, and pouch.

The Top 3 Dry Herb Pens

What do you have to watch out for with herb pens? They tend to be cheaply made. They are small, so there isn’t room for advanced technology. They can be flimsy with atomizer coils made from cheap metal. You don’t want to be conned into thinking you got a deal when the mod in front of you is really just sub-standard. There are lots of excellent, tested products, reviewed and rated by respected vape writers and consumers. These are the top 3 dry herb pens.

1. Cloud Pen

Year after year this dry herb vape pen performs, especially following upgrades. This is version 3 and it’s better than ever. Vapers can also use it with wax. Select a dual-coil element or vertical rod atomizer made from ceramic, and potentially a glass attachment as well, although this is less discrete than the standard, slender cartridge which matches the pen-type look you are wanting. This battery is rated for 650mAh which is about enough for 3 to 4 hours at high temperatures. The kit comes with one battery, the two atomizers, a Cloud Atlas glass attachment, five mouthpieces (because they get lost and also so people can share the pen), a silicone jar, chargers, and a few little extras. Although high-tech options are out there, this is a true vape “pen” at an affordable price.

2. T-Vape

Square makes this stylish red pen with a unique heating chamber known as a “tube oven.” Is this more efficient than the usual style? Square thinks so and customers appear to like the device. Though pen-shaped, it’s costlier than most, probably due to the high-quality materials used to build the T-Vape and its various features.

Its Li-Ion battery is long lasting but you will know when to re-charge: a battery light tells you so. The T-Vape allows you to select a temperature from 370F to 420F and uses a heating system without exposed elements. That’s a good way to prevent burning your dry plant material which would produce smoke and acrid flavor. Even when it’s hot inside, the outside is cool and safe. A battery extension piece and two sizes of oven make four mods out of one: a nano, a tall vape mod, or something between the two. The T-Vape comes with a good-sized (900mAh) base, a 2200mAh base for extended life, a short oven, a long oven tube, cleaners, chargers, and more.

3. Pulsar 7

A Pulsar compact vape mod for herbs fits in the pocket and, being black, is stealthy for discrete vaping. A heating element made from ceramic material vaporizes instead of burning herbs inside this 5-inch pen, but it can still get hot in just seconds. Like the two mods above, this one features a built-in rechargeable battery requiring a USB power source or USB and adapter (included with the kit).

About Vape Pens

The portable vaporizer pen can be an exciting addition to your collection of vaporizers. I say “can be” because it has often been a waste of money for consumers.

You have to choose your priorities and do your research because there are many bad eggs in the market. If you vape e liquids anyway, it is possible that you already own an excellent battery like the Innokin VV V3.0 or the most recent one: a V4.0.

It can be attached to any kind of cartridge for vaporizing any type of material, including cartridges compatible with herbs or wax and which maintain the slim profile of a pen.

Portable Vape Pen Pros

If you happen to buy a really good device like the VV V4.0 or the V2 Pro Series 3 or larger Series 7, your experience is likely to be positive. These devices operate the way they are supposed to.

Client reports are favorable. They produce excellent vapor, recharge easily, and are excellent for use with varied materials.

The VV V4.0 is especially good for varying the temperature of your vapor, but is still pen sized: stealthy, light, and inexpensive. It works with all kinds of atomizers. Innokin’s unit plus a tank or cartridge can cost as little as $50 together.

The V2 Pro Series 3-in-1 pen makes wonderful vapor and automatically chooses its setting, depending on the cartridge you add to it. Instead of threading together, the two parts connect magnetically, eliminating the frustration of rough threading.

A lot of people find these and other pen vapes stylish, hip, and handy. They go anywhere, charge quickly, and look like e cigs. Society is getting used to e cigs even if other forms of vaporizers are less typical and considered with suspicion, so if you can pass your unit off as an e cig, the situation doesn’t get messy.

Many 3-in-1 pens have come onto the scene, causing manufacturers and designers to improve their game. Competition yields excellent results in this way. The Kandypens Skycloud is an example of the 3-in-1 vape pen done right for about $100.

Portable vape pens can cost as little as $40 for a full unit, but as much as $150 with the rechargeable base and at least one cartridge included. Not only are they inexpensive but this is the area of hottest competition and most choice.

Finding something pen-sized for vaporizing your herbs, concentrates, or liquids will be no trouble; choosing, however, will be somewhat more difficult.

Portable Vape Pen Contents

A vape pen is made up of three essential parts: the battery, atomizers, and tank/cartridge. There has to be an oven component for herbs, but really this is much like an e cig.

Devices are commonly constructed from hardened plastic, sometimes carbon fiber (the Aspire CF), and occasionally stainless steel. To be truly discrete, tanks or cartridges have to be long and narrow. Most people use a globe, however, to heat their concentrates. Cartridges can be made from glass or plastic.

Portable Vape Cons

This leads to the negative side of vape pens: quality. You know right away that, at prices like $40 or less, certain pens are merely throw-away items. If you get a month out of them that will be amazing, but the vapor quality is probably nothing worth talking about except to complain and warn friends.

Atomizers in these models are made from low-grade alloys that burn out and do not stay hot for very long. Their inefficiency wastes battery power and contributes to the unpleasant smell of your vapor.

As they heat up, plastics and other materials release fumes which contaminate the safety and taste of vapor too. Part of the reason to use a vaporizer is forĀ a smoke-free alternative to smoking tobacco, but you simply add toxins back into the mix when you suck on plastic fumes.

A vape pen is just too small for a complex arrangement of oven and herb chamber: you will find that herbs usually burn. Some consumers say all you have to do is master your timing and know when to stop pressing the button that sets your atomizer going. Others say it is almost impossible not to burn herbs using a pen vape.

Brands of Vape Pens

White Rhino is a well-known brand. They have released numerous pens including one you pass your finger over to fire the button: the Liquid Touch.

Their Dube line is popular for vaping at a low price. Some reports suggest these are flimsy: you might be better off with something like a Grenco Science pen.

Others say they are fully prepared to “smoke” with a Dube pen and believe it’s still healthier than real smoking. White Rhino’s Trifecta offers better quality but is on the large size for “pen” vapes.

G-Pens are getting rave reviews from customers and reviewers, at least in as much as any expert vaper can say a pen vape is “excellent.” You can only take this style of pen to limited heights.

The V2 Pro Series 3-in-1 pen is doing well in the marketplace. Its biggest draw back is the proprietary threading, yet this magnetic connection is also one of its best selling features.

Buy a Pen Vape

Visit your local vape store if there is one near you (they aren’t as common as tobacco or e cig shops). Browse online stores. A few of the very good ones don’t even carry pen vapes. This says a lot about attitudes to this category of vaporizers.

For instance, staff might only sell what they use. This includes the Firefly, Ascent, Arizer Solo, Mighty, and Volcano but, clearly, staff does not trust vape pens.

The trick will be locating a reputable firm, one which has proven that it honors the needs of its customers and honors warranties (or even includes a warranty with their products). You might consider buying vape pens directly from manufacturers.

While there are just a few excellent places to buy vaporizers (such as Vapor Nation with its wide selection), a number of e cig stores are carrying more gear for use with dry herbs, concentrates, and oils.