VaporFi Rebel II

Are you a fan of Vaporfi products? Maybe you love their hardware but don’t use their juice and need to revisit their website. If it’s been a while, you might have missed the release of their VaporFi Rebel 2.

Upgrade your old Rebel which, by the way, proves that “old” is only a relative term. The original is still a stellar device; it just can’t hold a candle to version 2.0.

The Original Rebel

I’m drawn to this device by its name: aren’t vapers rebels in a sense?

A vaper becomes Han Solo, a guy with an attitude; someone who turns his nose up at convention by wielding a powerful steel tube and creating plumes of vapor. Telescopic like version two, the original Rebel’s capacity is a little lower.

Starter kits come with 600-mAh and 2200-mAh batteries (one each) and no mention is made of variable wattage. It’s a VV device. Vaporfi released this mod before VW units became standard.

Vaporfi Rebel 2 Review

Firstly, version two is capable of more power than version one. Use an 18350 or an 18650 battery and adapt to any situation. Maybe you want to be inconspicuous, so the smaller battery makes it easier to slide the Rebel 2 into a pocket and hide it from admirers.

vaporfi rebel ii

Prepare yourself when it’s full sized: a lot of people will express curiosity and a desire that you let them share. How social and generous do you feel? Let your emotions guide which size to pick and leave the second battery charging for later, when you need to replace your first choice.

You get hours out of a single charge using 750-mAh or 2800-mAh cells: from more than half a day to two days of vaping. By the way, on the initial product description, VaporFi wrote “18350 or 18360 battery,” but you probably know what they mean.

VaporFi Rebel 2 Starter Kit

Each kit contains a tube with a microprocessor inside that allows you to adjust wattage or volts. Choose from 3 to 15 watts (it’s like a Vamo essentially) or 3 to 6 volts.¬†Watch these values change on the three-digit screen.

Rebel ii display

Customers receive a 4-ml Pyrex dual-coil tank with juice flow control: that capacity is plenty to keep up with the battery for relatively infrequent refilling. You also get 2.6 and 2.8-ohm coils plus a wall charger.

Here is a problem often experienced with high-end mods, at least older ones: they stop working all of a sudden, often while the user detects a burning smell. That is because overheating or a reversed battery or something else has caused the product to kick the bucket.

Protective features in more recent varieties of regulated mods prevent such dramas. For example, the Rebel II comes with reverse battery protection built in (it is part of the microprocessor which controls the screen and allows you to change volts or watts). This is not a sub-ohm cloud chasing APV, but a lot of vapers don’t want that.

Sub-ohms or Low Ohms

It turns out that the average vaper would rather use a unit that requires low maintenance: they don’t want to deal with coils but are happy to replace atomizer heads.

The Rebel II is easy to use, just like its predecessor. Even some new vapers have picked it up and got the vapor rolling in less than an hour trouble-free. Vaporfi doesn’t recommend this: it’s better to start slowly because, at $179.99, mishaps could be expensive.

Replacement tanks cost $49.99, but the Rebel II is 510/eGo threaded. You could attach another model of tank, one that’s cheaper. It just won’t have adjustable juice-flow technology like this one.

Replace the Juice

Vaporfi carries a lot of vaporizing products: several models and updates of those models plus tanks and clearomizers to fit them. Never let it be said that this firm from Florida left any element of the vaping experience to chance. Vapers need e liquid and they’ve got it: American-made juices costing $14.99 for 30 ml.

The fun thing about Vaporfi e liquid is you can make your own. I’m not saying Vaporfi sends beakers, base liquids, and flavorings so you can literally blend your own juice, but customers get to exercise their creative potential from a distance. Tell the people at Vaporfi which two or three varieties you want to blend and they’ll do it for you.