Best Sub-Ohm Mods

Sub-ohm vaping is all the rage these days and probably will be for a long time to come. At least, you can expect this trend to endure until the innovative minds at e-cig manufacturing companies come up with something new and better.

In the meantime, here are some mods for your consideration and things to look for in the best varieties of sub ohm devices. In spite of their variety, most of these products can be purchased for less than $150, and possibly under $100. Keep in mind to always go with an authorized vendor who supplies a full warranty.

What Every Regulated Vape Mod Should Have

The essential piece of every high-watt, regulated device is not visible from the outside, although you see evidence of it right away: the built-in smart chip. Yihi and Evolv are the two best known examples, the former of which can take a mod right up to 150W, while the Evolv is capable of 0.1-ohm vaping.

Both are intelligent enough to run clear, bright display screens, allow users to adjust watts or volts, and to read atomizer resistance. They show your battery charge status on the screen and also safeguard this device.

Safety is the primary reason why that chipset has to be present. Every time you do sub-ohm vaping, temperatures are getting pretty high. A lot of things can go wrong and the cost of damage can be considerable: destruction of your expensive piece of hardware, loss of your atomizer, and possibly injury.

Microchips usually prevent the mod from damage caused by a short circuit, low voltage, over-discharge, and overtime vaping. These chips detect high temperatures too. In the event of problems, warning will come up on your display and the device will either shut down completely or run at lower watts than you had previously chosen and will not revert to normal until the problem is rectified.

A number of mods are upgradeable, which means you can buy the next-level chipset when it comes out without having to replace the entire device.

More Excellent Features

An adjustable, floating center pin is a very helpful element. Without it you are forced to choose from a list of assorted, compatible atomizers that will sit flush with the box. Any air around the base could affect your draw and vapor temperature.

It’s nice when the USB port is there for pass-through vaping, but removable batteries are okay too, especially if you have a spare set already charged and waiting. At least you can choose the cells you are happiest with: Samsung, Sony, etc.

Sigelei 150W TC Mod

Sigelei 150W Temp Control Colors

Sigelei makes a good, reliable product. This one is not a supermodel in aesthetic terms but is an excellent mod well worth the $90-ish price tag.

In spite of its high-watt capacity, the Sigelei 150W TC only measures 4 x 2.5 x 1 inch, which is compact.

Two 18650 batteries come out for independent charging, so there is no USB port on the mod. It has an OLED screen which reads your resistance and power. Set the device between 10W and 150W; wrap coils to a minimum of 0.1 ohms: this is the ideal combination if you are into cloud chasing.

An American branch of Sigelei handles any warranty claims you might have, but when a company is this serious about customer service, that suggests you will not need to make any claims.

$88.95 At:


eLeaf iStick 50

istick 50w

All the iStick products are compact and attractive, but the 50W is one of your best bets for sub-ohm vaping. At 4400 mAh, this pass-through vaporizer lets you continue vaping as the device charges as long as you are near a USB power source and have an extendable cord on hand. The lowest resistance is 0.2 ohms: impressive for just 50W.

Using an eGo/510 adapter, the iStick allows you to attach numerous atomizers to its durable spring-loaded pin. Stainless steel threads will provide smooth, corrosion-free threading for many sessions when you switch on this user-friendly model. It comes with all the usual built-in protective features.

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Xpro bt50w blue

Descriptions of sub-ohm box mods can become tedious, and then you come across this device: a Bluetooth-compatible vaporizer.

It’s not that you can use the SMOK BT50W to watch TV or make calls but connectivity between your iPhone/Android device and the XPro lets you do several things when you aren’t even holding the SMOK mod.

You can check battery levels and set watts, read your latest puff count and record of use, or lock the device against use by unauthorized parties. Just download the app from SMOK.

An aluminum exterior is light for portable use and the micro-USB charging port lets you vape at the computer. Ventilation cools your battery a little, but overheating is still possible, so that is another thing your iPhone or Samsung will show when you log on and vape at the same time: temperature.

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Pioneer4You iPV4S 120W TC

iPV 4S 120W TC MODs

These boxes sell out in a heartbeat and it is no surprise: Pioneer4You has turned out a series of devices that perform to high standards and satisfy public expectations. Turn up the power from 10W to 120W.

An atomizer coil wrapped to 0.2 ohms will work just fine here: get your dripping atomizer ready. If you check that coil and it seems fine but the device disagrees, a low-resistance alert will flash on your screen and you will not be able to use the device.

Batteries are sold separately so you have two choices: charge separately or in the box using the USB port. Since you might choose to take cells out of their box, reverse battery protection is provided to prevent you from blowing up the mod, thanks to reverse polarity.

The floating center pin on your 510 threading section is great for attaching all kinds of atomizers; many shapes and sizes as long as they are 510-threaded. The firing pin is sensitive; you won’t have to press it hard to make the iPV 100W start up. There’s a screen showing your battery life, resistance, and watts/volts.

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