Vape Mods

New vapers can hardly imagine the future of their vaping experience when they first hold a low-powered e cig. Even electronic cigarette designers must have wondered where technology would take them when the first device was launched in China back in 2003.

Technology is a fast-moving area no matter what electronic gizmo you are talking about: cell phones, tablets, or GPS machines. That is why vape mods have speedily become more complex and powerful; sometimes beautiful at the same time.

ModsThe Reason for Vape Mods

It’s not easy to justify spending $100 on a mod without any attachments or even a battery unless you know why they were invented.

Vaping has become a hobby for consumers, not just a cigarette alternative. E liquids are regarded in the same way coffee lovers talk about different roasts and the origins of their beans; the way wine makers discuss varietals of grapes and the best wine houses.

Chocolate lovers, artisan beer drinkers, and others with sensitive palates share something in common with each other and advanced vapers. They all pay attention to slight differences in the texture, body, flavor, and layers in a given style or brand of their favorite fix. For them, it’s not an addiction as much as a hobby to explore and try a bit of everything.

Vape Mods for Better E Liquid

Variable Watt mods are designed to get the best out of e liquid, not just puff out huge clouds of steam. Customers believe they detect minute differences in flavor when they change the temperature of their vaping device, swap tanks, and try new styles of coils. The Vape Mod system is a three-part deal consisting of the power unit, atomizer/tank, and liquid. Each part influences the result.

Devices for Advanced Consumers

You will notice a bit of difference between an e cig blank filled with great e liquid and an eGo clearomizer filled with the same e liquid, but heated with a bigger battery and potentially at a higher voltage. Some user-friendly eGos have knobs that let you choose up to 4.8 volts, but that’s nothing compared to a 15W mod or better. Here are some products worth thinking about.

Pioneer4You IPV4S 120W

iPV 4S 120W TC MODs

P4Y is well received among vapers for their high quality mods, gadgets that sell out in a hurry. The IPV 4S 120W is a tube-box blend, attractive to look at and easy to hold.

Switch between 5 watts and 120 watts or volts from 1 to 7.0, thanks to a YiHi smart chip. Wrap coils to 0.1 ohm or higher. It also comes with temperature control, that can be adjusted from 212-572 degrees fahrenheit.

You can’t get much closer to zero-ohm without shorting your circuit. Your power source comes from two 18650 cells which can be removed or left inside to charge while you vape.

Choose a 510 RBA, RDA, or good sub-ohm tank for your IPV 120W. Kanger, Smok, and JoyeTech are all making some great tanks for this very purpose. But for really low-ohm vaping, you will want an RDA like the Hobo or Stillare (authentic or an excellent clone).



Innokin iTaste MVP 3.0 PRO

itaste mvp 3.0 60 watt pro colors

Innokin’s upgraded iTaste MVP can reach 60W if you want to vape at 0.8 ohms or higher. It is not the hugely powerful performer a P4Y IPV 120W is, but the MVP serves two purposes.

In fact, if you ran out of power and wanted to charge another USB e cig like the IPV but were away from an outlet, the MVP 3.0 would do the trick. This is a power bank and a slim (if hefty) box mod.





Xpro M22

Smok’s 22W mod is a hybrid capable of reaching higher watts as a mechanical mod. At higher watts it becomes a sub-ohm machine, but when used as an adjustable mod, the range is still good: 1 ohm to 4ohms.

Protect yourself against the dangers of reversing your battery and low voltage with this slim SMOK device containing a permanent 2200-mAh cell charged using a USB port.

The spring-loaded pin accommodates 510 atomizers like the Scar RDA or Gimlet (also by SMOK). Add the cost of one of these to the price of an M22 ($30 to $40) plus a battery, and you can vape for around $75 before adding e liquid.


The Top Mechanical Mods

Mechanical mods are solid (usually metal) tubes without variable volt/watt buttons or OLED screens. They are the Vaper’s Vape, useful, productive, and safe only in experienced hands. Feast your eyes on the following five of which two are similar enough that I grouped them together. Below you will read about the Arachnid, Magneto II, the AR, Fu Chai, and most expensive: the Chi You Megan. All of these are authentic devices, not clones.

Arachnid and Magneto

The Arachnid is a new mechanical mod made by Innokin, similar to the Magneto in numerous ways. We will start with the Magneto by Smok, however, which has graduated to V.2. This mechanical mod is fired using a magnetic button rather than a spring-loaded one, and that magnet is even stronger in Version 2. The Magneto has a reverse locking thread, is made from stainless steel, and comes in 5 colors. You can buy it for around $45 to $50. On the bottom you notice a single spider motif.

If Smok provides the spider, Innokin’s Arachnid has the spider’s web. The top portion of an Arachnid mechanical mod is draped in webbing but the look is more like a cartoon web than the truly symmetrical and marvelous webs found in nature. Innokin’s device comes in three colors and, like the Magneto, is a telescopic device. Open it up or keep it closed: it accommodates 18650, 18500, and 18350 batteries.

Sigelei Fu Chai

Also authentic but priced under $100 is a Sigelei Fu Chai. The outside is made from durable stainless steel but inside is a layer of copper for added insulation and conductivity. Fu Chai was the name of an ancient Chinese King so you won’t be surprised to see Chinese lettering all over the sides of this hexagonal device available in 5 colors.

AR by TAC Mods

Military historians, ex-soldiers, and people who like action movies, rejoice: the AR by TAC Mods was designed for you. This company from the US took their inspiration from the barrel of an AR-15 rifle to produce a mod priced under $200. Among several styles available are camo and pink splatter so there’s something for the feminine vaper with a tough side and a matching design for her other half. A copper pin enhances conductivity to reduce voltage drop. The outside is cerakote: a weather-resistant ceramic coating used on fire arms. Insert an 18650 battery and several dotting on the outside will keep it from overheating. Set the top cap to accept either flat top or button top batteries.

Chi Megan

One last mod that is worth mentioning here is the Chi Megan 26650. I have to include it because this $250 device is one of the most widely copied mechanical mods available. Beautiful engraving makes this more than a practical device; it is a true collector’s piece that comes in stainless steel and brass, valuable for its beauty and craftsmanship. It has a safety locking ring that prevents unintentional use by curious non-vapers. An adjustable top cap makes it possible to fit different sorts of batteries which remain relatively cool, thanks to 6 vent holes. The Chi Megan is large so the best atomizers are wider than the standard 22-mm diameter varieties.

More Mechanical Mods

Several other mechanical devices are worth your attention. Many of them are clones of really expensive mods but are at least as good if not better. This article focused on authentic devices. Take the spotlight off of originals and you will find that there are at least another 5 — probably even 10 — excellent products within the $50 to $100; most of them copies of high-end products.

Tanks for Vapers

Now you have the power: what about something to drip e liquid into? Glass and stainless steel are the two best materials for building a tank atomizer.

These inert materials will not make your expensive e liquid, bottled carefully in glass, taste like metal or plastic. High-power tanks for advanced personal vaporizers match the size of a tube mod or a box mod and might also be capable of the low resistance you need.

Kanger Tanks

Kanger makes a lot of great vessels, both tanks and clearomizers. Their Aerotank-Turbo features two dual coils, adjustable air, and holds up to 6 ml of liquid. Smaller versions look more uniform with small mods, but 6-ml capacity requires less frequent filling.

Their sub-ohm hybrid tank comes with an RDA head and an OCC atomizer head (organic cotton coil). Swap between them as you vape at 0.5 ohms one day and 1 ohm the next.

New JoyeTech Sub-ohm Tank

The JoyeTech Delta costs about $30 (roughly the same as competitor’s tanks) and can be fired to 0.5 ohms. It features liquid valve control (LVC) and airflow control. The LVC part lets you select an amount of e liquid to use when firing the mod while airflow control adjusts your draw resistance.

E Liquid: Important Last Piece of the Puzzle

The best ratio of liquid for vape mods with sub-ohm atomizers is one featuring more than half vegetable glycerin and up to max-vegetable glycerin. A number of companies let you select the ratio, but others are fixed and even kept secret.

Places like Vape Dojo and Charlie Noble set a ratio according to what they think is right for the flavor. Eve e liquids do the same. Cosmic Fog’s ratio is 55% vegetable glycerin, 45% propylene glycol. These and brands like G2 and Halo are all excellent.