Speculation About The Looming FDA E-Cig Regulations

The entire e cig industry is concerned about FDA regulations. These regulations have yet to be released and a great deal of input has been sought.

The Food and Drug Administration has received the advice of WHO, doctors, scientists, pharmacists, and others with something to offer. Their opinions are potentially biased by some form of prejudice against e cigs or because they work in some element of the vaping industry.

Many regular people have also aired their concerns for and against e cigs and e liquid. Here is what the industry believes might happen.

E Liquid Manufacturing Standards

There is a good chance small artisan e liquid companies will either have to close their doors or institute certain major changes. Some companies proudly claim that they make e liquid by hand, one bottle at a time as consumers order them.

The FDA could institute certification standards that require mixing and bottling by machine, not by hand. Laboratory conditions will potentially be required involving investment in machinery, furnishings, filters, and more.

Numerous tiny companies will be forced to either go out of business or join forces and work together to fund efforts in a shared facility. The FDA could also insist that only tobacco and menthol juices contain nicotine.

Revealing Secrets

Companies might be forced to reveal ratios of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin plus flavoring that they have chosen to keep secret so others couldn’t make these juices at home. Some vendors and consumers would say a bit more transparency is long overdue. Many vapers are simply satisfied that vaping is so much safer than smoking and they do not care if there is a small amount of toxicity or uncertainty involved.

E Cigs and Big Tobacco

Even R.J. Reynolds had something to say about e cigs before releasing their version, the Vuse. It’s a great little device winning a lot of fans, but opinions from this tobacco giant confirm that Big Tobacco is no friend of vaping.

They believe this is a potentially dangerous industry drawing in young non-smokers, especially flavors of e cigs like grape and chocolate. To them, this isn’t what e cigs should be about.

There are legitimate fears that established companies such as Reynolds will manage to sell their version of an e cig in the category of “tobacco products” by sticking with tobacco and menthol flavors.

The FDA could then block efforts by independent firms unassociated with Big Tobacco or insist they withdraw sweet flavors.

Chinese Manufacturing

Almost the entire industry relies on Chinese factories in some way. Many components are made in China, if not the entire e-cig. Liquids are often made and bottled there.

People will be bringing e cigs and e liquid back with them from China and countries where there are no prohibitions even if the FDA places a ban on the import of electronic cigarettes and e liquids from overseas.

The FDA cannot control standards in this country, but if US firms are forced to shut their doors, vapers might start buying goods through eBay and Alibaba, giving rise to illegal trade.

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