Smokeless Delite

Why hasn’t Smokeless Delite captured the imaginations of more consumers? Why haven’t they become one of the more well known brands in the market? I have a few thoughts on that, but follow me and we will take a look at this brand of e cigs one product at a time.

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Smokeless Delite: Emotional Vaping

Smokeless Delite is more than delighted; they feel elation about bringing the following starter kits your way. Their names are Elation, Joy, and Pleasure, the biggest kit accompanied by the richest emotions.

Elation Starter Kit

For $69.95, customers receive 2 batteries, 2 atomizers, a carry case, and 6 packages of 5 tobacco cartridges in low and high strengths.

elation starter kit

They also receive a car charger, USB charger, and an AC wall adapter. Smokeless Delite offers 4 colors: black, pink, white, and silver.

Joy Starter Kit

Keep the color scheme but drop $20 and 1 battery. Switch from 2 low and 4 high nicotine cartridges to 2 of each and get rid of the car charger. Of course, with just one battery you only need one atomizer.

Pleasure Starter Kit

“Pleasure” is another word for “Express” kit: the one-battery sort with just a wall charger, atomizer, and 2 packages of cartridges. You still get to pick a color.


Move up from mini cigs to 650-mAh batteries and tanks. This pack for $29.95 comes with two of each plus two chargers and a carry case.


Break these packages down a little and let’s see what they are worth to you. As a kit goes, the first one is priced alright compared to other brands, not because of the two batteries but the number of cartridges included. Some things I noticed were that these are the 3-piece e cig format, they didn’t offer  cartridge flavor options that I saw, and there is a lack of info about the battery.

With that, if you were to say these are high drain, 280-mAh cells, I would answer that almost makes up for keeping a 3-piece e cig style; almost. An entire community of vapers has started with e cigs not ever having heard of the three-piece style because they were old two years ago.

The Joy set is high priced. Vapers need all those cartridges, certainly, but they need two batteries more, in particular during the early days. These give new vapers the tools to establish a rhythm of charging and using rechargeable batteries.

The Pleasure Kit is only slightly smaller for $20 less and equally unappealing. Although you at least receive more refills than found in regular Express kits, I would generally argue a one-battery set isn’t good value anyway.

The eGo starter kit is surprisingly good value considering the customer receives so much hardware for the price of a Pleasure Kit. Of course, there’s no e liquid which helps to explain pricing, but you won’t care at that price.

smokeless delite e liquidE Liquid

A lot of the stuff featured on Smokeless Delite’s website comes from other companies such as Vapor E Liquid. They sell it for a gourmet price of $11.95 per 15-ml bottle which is not cheap.

At least this opens up choices of flavors like Peach with Apple, Pear, or Mango, a 60/40 split of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin, and a range of zero to 24 mg of nicotine.

Cartridge Replacements

Opt for either the regular cartridge or cartomizers with atomizers built in. Price difference is huge: $9.95 for 5 vs. $24.99. Smokeless Delite claims their cartridges are made in the USA.

More Products

If you are either a regular Smokeless Delite customer or a new one and seek a more powerful product than a regular e cig or eGo, Smokeless Delite can help you. Choose an Innokin MVP 2.0, Tesla, or eVic.

Most of their devices appear to be earlier models rather than the latest ones and they don’t carry any VW box mods, but this is a start. Their two mechanical mods are the Smok Magneto (gold) and Sentinel ($249.95), both authentic.

Evaluating the Catalogue

I was a little perplexed by what Smokeless Delite had to offer. They spread themselves a little thin. If they were to aim at a certain audience, it would be possible to order enough stock to bring certain prices down.

The MVP isn’t cheap even though it’s not sold as a kit, and the MVP 3.0 and Pro 60W have already arrived to surpass it. Some items were well-priced like their Kanger and iSmoka tanks, but paying $25 for 5 cartomizers is alot.

Most companies charge about $10 to $15 ($15 being high). With a charge of $19.95 for a replacement battery, vaping wouldn’t be as cheap either. It would improve my position on Smokeless Delite if they were to better describe their battery which appears to be automatic, indicating a size so it can be compared with other brands.