Cartomizers And Atomizers

Miniature smokeless cigarettes provide new vapers with a simple and affordable alternative to smoking. Products such as the Halo G6, 777 mini cig, and Volcano Magma were designed for these individuals.

They feature two-part technology and rechargeable batteries. V2 Cigs, Green Smoke, and 21st Century Smoke also carry disposable products.

Whether they are disposable or rechargeable, all e cigs use atomizers, but not all come with cartomizers. Learn the lingo here.

What is an Atomizer?

In layman’s terms, the coil ring on top of your stove is an atomizer. It is too big to fit into an electronic cigarette, of course, so designers create skinny ones using narrow-gauge coil made from a variety of metals and alloys. When the battery is fired up, this heats the atomizer which in turn heats e liquid found inside a clearomizer or cartomizer.

Atomizers are also featured in vaporizer pens used with other materials. Manufacturers can charge just $40 for a 3-in-1 pen if the atomizer is wrapped using cheap coil. Titanium coils are costlier but also more durable and create a better tasting vapor.

With a disposable system, the atomizer is designed to operate for a certain number of puffs: 300, 400, or more. A disposable e-cigar supposedly good for 1,000 puffs has to contain a sturdy atomizer if it’s going to last so long.

Every system from smallest to largest includes an atomized component or a replaceable, even rebuildable system. RDAs are dripping atomizers, for instance. The coil is exposed on top and wrapped around pegs with cotton.

Tank systems come with rebuildable heads, the coil covered inside. These are both advanced products excellent for use with sub-ohm devices and thick juices. Cartomizers for mini cigs are atomized e liquid cartridges where the juice contains at least 50% propylene glycol.

CartomizersCartomizers for E Cigs

Whether it is a South Beach Smoke e cig, VaporFi Express, or a Smokeless Image Volt, all of these rechargeable electronic cigarettes come apart in two pieces: a battery and atomized cartridge.

Early e cigs featured a third part where atomizer and cartridge were separated. That tiny piece was awkward and inconvenient for new vapers who consequently preferred disposable e cigs or cigarettes.

By atomizing the cartridge, this reduced the work involved to use a rechargeable system. Vape companies also ensured their customers’ e liquid would always be heated by a fresh atomizer.

Unfilled cartomizers also contain an atomizer, but since customers refill it they have to pay attention to the flavor and aroma of their vapor. If it starts to taste dry or burnt (after 5 or more refills, usually), the time has arrived to replace the blank. During that time, filler also becomes gummy. Replace cartomizers regularly to avoid poor flavor and low vapor production.

Cartomizers for Tanks

A cartomizer is also inserted into a tank system. This unit combines an atomizer head, tank (usually glass), top and bottom caps, and a cartomizer containing filler.

These are sold separately in a variety of sizes, bridged or bridgeless, pre-punched or not. Companies such as Boge and Smok make most of the cartomizers used by advanced vapers in their tanks like the Aspire Nautilus and Aerotank by Kanger.