Advanced Mods

When a vaper is wrapping his own coils, playing around with wattage and voltage, and talking about “ohms,” you know he has reached an advanced stage. He is not the guy or gal vaping on a mini cig like it is a real cigarette.

Egos might be fine for certain situations, but mostly they will be unsatisfying. They can’t give this person the vapor, warmth, or control he wants. Atomizers compatible with these devices don’t work well with the viscous juices they require to create big clouds.

High-level Vaping

At what point do you go from being a confident vaper to an advanced one?

If a regular Ego has ceased to challenge you or provide true pleasure and you now want to press buttons or attach a tank with airflow control, that’s advanced. It might not be time for a mechanical mod. They don’t appeal to everyone anyway.

Perhaps you would rather stick with electronic devices that display your wattage and resistance values. Or, you could be excited about the idea of dripping juice with an RDA onto a high-end, totally mechanical metal tube and using your knowledge of mechanics to create the perfect combination of power, airflow, and resistance for a safe and satisfying session.

Types of Devices for Advanced Vapers

The vaping industry has developed and designed electronic cigarettes that look nothing like cigarettes or even cigars but still create vapor from e liquid. They use batteries that will last a full weekend if used at low power, but are capable of reaching 150 watts (a few go even higher). They read your puffs, follow your daily vaping activity, tell you how much power you have left in the battery, and protect you and your machine from damage automatically.

Many contain tiny chips like the ones you see in a computer to produce readings on an OLED screen. Such technology is so beautiful consumers only use the best e liquid in their tanks: anything less would be an insult to the quality of their vaping devices.

Brands of Advanced Devices

Here are some names to look for: Innokin, JoyeTech, SmokTech, and Sigelei. Browse websites for items by Cloupor, Pioneer4You, Vamo, and VaporFi.

JoyeTech released a new eVic Supreme in recent months. Innokin launched their latest MVP 3.0: this one with higher output. Smok makes a Magneto mechanical mod while Sigelei produces a 150W box mod that is selling quickly. Cloupor builds box and tube mods for consumers who want VW capacity at various levels, and the same is true for P4Y. The Vamo is one of the vaping world’s most reliable and well-known names.

VaporFi deserves its own sub-heading here because this is an unusual e cig company from the United States. This brand provides consumers with devices from the lowly mini cig right up to a box mod: the Vox 50.

When you shop for a mechanical mod, the question you have to ask is whether you want to pay $200 for a limited edition model from the Philippines, US, or other country of if you would be satisfied with a $50 copy from China. Lots of clones are excellent renditions of the real thing but they aren’t as prestigious to own. Where clones are concerned, Infinite, HCigar, and EHPRo are three brands worth considering.

Why is the Variable Wattage Mod King?

Right now, the most popular type of electronic vaping device is not a pen but a VW mod which comes frequently in the shape of a box. Although there are many designs variations, VW mods all work to similar specifications. Vapers use them to change wattage values or volts, but they often find changing watts more convenient to create the most accurate combination of resistance and power for sub-ohm vaping. As mods become more powerful, resistance gets lower. It is possible to attach an atomizer that handles resistance down to 0.2 ohms without blowing up your expensive tool.

The screen on your device shows how low your resistance has dropped, but if that figure drops below the value your mod is rated to, the internal chip will usually turn the machine off. Many box mods don’t have this protective feature, so it’s never a good idea to assume one will. Read descriptions carefully.