White Cloud Ecigs

For a while there was not much happening of excitement at White Cloud E Cigs. They had things well organized to continue successfully without major changes. They still are not about to introduce a larger e cig battery like an Air or Pro, let alone something as advanced as the V2 Pro Series 3-in-1.

White Cloud E Cigs has not added e liquid by the bottle, blank cartridges, or an herbal vaporizer. Instead, the latest addition to their list is the Omni Kit: a nod to the various “build your own” kits available elsewhere in the market.

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Merely a Nod

But it is just that; a subtle acknowledgement that elsewhere in the e cig world there is movement afoot. Companies like South Beach Smoke, V2 Cigs, and VaporFi are adding new and more powerful equipment, competing voraciously for business from people dissatisfied with the mini cig format.

White Cloud, like Green Smoke, takes no interest in this audience and instead finds its own audience among people who do not wish to navigate their way through hectic menus full of options. They would rather stick with little vaping devices that work for them nicely and that feel a lot like their familiar cigarettes once did.

The Omni Kit from White Cloud E Cigs

Omni means “every” or “all” as in the word “omnibus”: a means of transportation accessible to everyone. “Omniscient” means “all knowing.” The Omni Kit, then, provides customers with access to all of their batteries, flavors, and accessories.

Cirrus Omni Starter Kit

Certain items are a standard part of the kit for $39.95. This price can rise to as much as $87.75 with the addition of certain extras or upgrades. Two batteries, 5 cartridges, and a basic Chargebolt USB charger are included in the package with a 2-year warranty.

Upgrade to a 3X battery for $10 more or add a third battery for $10, $15, or $20 (2, 3, or 3X). Ask for things like a Squid charger, more cartridges, a different AC adapter (like the Euro version), and watch the price go up. Customers are in control of the final result.

Other Starter Kits

This new way to build a kit replaces a product from White Cloud which contained one each of the 3 different batteries. As for the other kits, pick the sort of battery you want: a Cirrus 2, Cirrus 2 with Squid Charger, Cirrus 3, or Cirrus 3X.

Each package comes with 5 cartridges and Lithium Polymer batteries, but the comparison feature on the White Cloud website lets you get a closer look at their features side by side rather than flipping back and forth between descriptions or writing down a ton of information.

White Cloud e cig batteriesBattery Comparisons

The Cirrus 2 was White Cloud’s first battery and the cheapest at $9.95, but not the smallest cell.

At 4 3/8″ when combined with a cartridge it is actually slightly longer than the Cirrus 3 and weighs 2 grams more: 8 grams. A Cirrus 3 with a cartridge measures 4 inches.

While the Cirrus 2 holds its charge for 7 to 9 hours according to White Cloud (a figure you would not believe until you see it with your own eyes), the Cirrus 3 holds its charge for just 5 to 6 hours. The point of owning a Cirrus 3 for more money appears to be that it takes just 60 to 90 minutes to charge (the C2 takes 90 minutes) and is more comfortable to hold if you are used to small cigarettes, but smaller cells should not cost more.

With the Cirrus 3X, the size is longer: 4.75″. It takes 2 hours to charge but holds that charge for up to 12 hours and weighs almost double the Cirrus 3 at 11.6 grams. The 3X also costs $19.95. Available colors are brushed metal, black, or white while the tips come in 4 possible styles. This is an expensive battery.

Their names are confusing too, given that C3 is after C2 but smaller. Calling them small, medium, and large would do if prices were swapped between C2 and C3.

Colorful Flavors at White Cloud

It’s hard not to be drawn to the cartridge flavors at White Cloud and the idea of a nearly invisible vapor. For those who want to be discrete about vaping, this is an ideal feature, but not unusual. Most of the time, vapor from mini cigs is too light to cause much bother.

Five cartridges cost just $9.95 and comes in exotic and domestic flavors which make me feel like a tourist. Cavendish exotic pipe tobacco and Regular rich tobacco are about as low key as they come.

Apache is bold; Atlantic Cut is smooth. I’m on a tour of the country here. Leaving US shores I reach Bora Bora and their exotic tobacco. Menthol brings me back to earth again, but with Guava I start another tropical journey where I am joined by Lime & Coconut.

Iced Berry takes me to frostier climes while Bad Apple and Peach Pit are trips through an American orchard. There are several more flavors, even some desserts like Copper Kettle (milk caramel).

Have a Fling

Usually, this would be an irresponsible suggestion, but having a Fling with White Cloud means buying one of their disposable e cigs. Few companies provide as much choice in this department (16 flavors) for such a good price ($5.95). That price is for individual Flings; buy in bulk and they’re even cheaper.

Assessing the Style of White Cloud

Instead of enlarging hardware options and confusing the newbie masses, White Cloud has more fully developed the products they sell. That includes adding more US-made flavors and improving their batteries.

A lot of their website is dedicated to education. Learn a little or a lot about e cigs, e liquids, nicotine, and the industry overall. This company from Florida mixes personal appeal with intelligence into a formula that is hard not to like.