Vista Vapors

E juice made in the United States is not an uncommon commodity. Vapologists release new labels and culinary curiosities regularly while the industry awaits its regulatory fate.

Vista Vapors has been selling American e liquid, however, for longer than most. From their vantage point — their vista — Vista Vapors has seen labels come, has seen them go, and figured out what the public wants from e juice. The main competitor for Vista Vapors is probably Mount Baker Vapor whose offerings and prices are similar.

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Price Guarantee

American vapers want their e liquid to be inexpensive. In a pricing war, this company claims to arise as the victor with 17-ml plastic bottles price $4.99.

They offer free shipping on orders over $50. Vista Vapors sells from a distance, online or by phone, so they don’t have to worry about costly overheads.

Head for Business

Their website gives access to a mobile app, various contact details, and a profile of the business. You can see from the fun cartoon and photos accompanying the company bio that this is a team, not just a company.

It started with two smokers trying e cigs and e juice while searching for ways to be better examples to their family. Their goals turned into business reality.

Flavor Profile

Vista Vapors carries e juices considered candy, dessert, and drink flavors; fruit, mint/menthol, tobacco, and specialty styles. Their relatively new specialist selection called “Vista Select” contains 90% vegetable glycerin. Names of clouds and oceans grace blue (ocean) or clear (cloud) glass bottles measuring 30 ml and priced $11.99.

In their Vista Select line, choose 0, 3, 6, 12, or 18 mg of nicotine. Regular Vista Vapors flavors are also available with 24 mg of nicotine and other customization possibilities.

Ask for a 50/50 balance, max vegetable glycerin, or 70/30 (propylene glycol/vegetable glycerin). Order an extra flavor shot: a 10 to 50% flavor boost which will add slightly to the price. These products are bottled in plastic. Bundles are also available.

Vista Vapors candy choicesCandy Choices

Candy Corn, Fruity Gum, Lemon Rain, Taffy, Red Licorice, and White Chocolate are 6 from a long lineup of sweet choices familiar from vapers’ childhoods.

They are all simple flavors; nothing complicated.

A way to add complexity is by blending complementary tastes like Taffy with White Chocolate, etc.

Flavorful, Calorie-Free Desserts

Enjoy a Banana Split or Egg Nog if you like creamy sweets and drinks. Blueberry Muffin and Cinnamon Churro come from a baked array rich with choice. Maple Sugar is a sugar-free delight.

Drinks from the Kitchen and the Bar

Sip savory Green Tea or warming Chai Spice. Enjoy the fizz of Cream Soda, Cola, or Ginger Soda. Jamaican Rum, though rich, contains no alcohol. You won’t get drunk on this version of that popular West Indies spirit.

Fruit Salad

Choose one or several fruits from a healthy menu of berries and orchard produce. Clementine and Orange are subtly different; put a bit of each into two separate tanks and try them side by side, searching for their similarities and contrasts. Green Apple Orchard is one of several apple flavors including Apple Candy. Papaya and Kiwi belong to a tropical family of fruits.

Menthol and Mint

The list of mint and menthol varieties is not long. It contains many tastes which would complement the fruits listed above like Wintergreen, Spearmint, and Menthol Delight (sweet mint). Crème de Menthe stands alone but would come out shining if it was blended with White Chocolate.

Specials/Other: Hard to Categorize Flavors

Sometimes nuts don’t know where they belong. At Vista Vapors, Almond falls under this category and is found elsewhere too. Mix it with coffee or tobacco for a nutty pairing. This is also where you will locate Bacon-flavored e liquid and Breakfast Grits: a first for this reviewer.

Tobacco E Liquid without Real Tobacco

A lot of gourmet companies turn their noses up at tobacco flavors. Vista Vapor’s experts acknowledge that some ex-smokers still like tobacco. To that end, they combine tobacco-flavored extracts with fruit, berries, or notes more recognizable to cigar and pipe smokers.

Vista SelectVista Select

The Cloud range of e juices is all named for cloud formations like Cirrus (cool menthol and berries) or Stratus (another fruity blend). Their Ocean series contains Indian (creamy vanilla) and Atlantic (caramel).

All of the flavors under the Vista Select heading are dripping juices great for cloud chasing, but not the kind meteorologists and nautical people are interested in, unless they vape.

Hardware at Vista Vapors

As a growing and thriving company, Vista Vapors started selling starter kits for beginners and advanced vapers some time ago. Two products are listed for beginners: a 280-mAh kit with a clearomizer and USB charger for $13.49 and a 900-mAh eGo kit with a Vivi Nova clearomizer priced $18.99.

A 280-mAh kit is your regular mini cig product but without cartridges. Instead, buy e liquid from Vista Vapors to fill the clearo. Their Advanced section is fuller and more interesting with adjustable devices like the eLeaf iStick. This section also contains the Kanger EMOW and Cool Fire II, plus several other choices.

Vista Vapors Review

My biggest concern has to do with e juice. Where is it made? What is in it? Vista Vapors lists natural, kosher vegetable glycerin and USP propylene glycol as ingredients.

With low prices like these, you can be certain flavorings are largely artificial. The nicotine might be sourced from US nicotine producers; they don’t say.

As for where their products are made, I didn’t see that, but there was a lot of information to look through. I always prefer getting lost in a sea of information than discovering too little at a website.

Prices for their e juice are excellent. Their hardware deals are pretty good. You won’t find the newest items here first necessarily; just a handful of units which the people at Vista Vapors probably tried and liked. I see a lot of Innokin hardware in the mix which gives me comfort: theirs is a reliable name in e cig technology.