Vaporizer Chief

The Vaporizer Chief is based in Southern Florida where his focus is buying and selling vaporizers, but not primarily e liquid vaporizers. You could use certain devices sold here to vaporize e liquids, but I have a strong feeling they are included on the list because of their usefulness in handling herbs, essential oils, and concentrates.

I am talking about box mods; items that are usually overlooked by online vaporizer companies. Power levels are high enough to handle many materials, not just e juice.

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Vaporizer Chief Categories

Consequently, headings at the Vaporizer Chief website lead consumers to herb mods, box mods, vape pens, portable devices, desktop products, and sale items. Search according to the brand you are interested in that your friend recommended.

Look up an item by its price or according to the material you will be using. Once you arrive at a list of products, skim “stars” to determine which ones have received good reviews from customers.

Brands at Vaporizer Chief

You could search specifically for devices made by Arizer. Explore the selection of Storz & Bickel products. Consider Iolite items. Investigate your Atmos options. Learn about a new brand and a product that’s out of the ordinary; maybe a vaporizer with unique traits none of your friends is using.

Sale Items

Currently, sale items include two products by Arizer: the Air and the Solo. Both of these are portable vaporizers priced above $150 but less than $250. Two Atmos items in the list are their Boss and Astra.

The Sigelei 150W box mod and an iPV3 version are both on sale also. Although these products are listed at sale prices, they aren’t inferior. In fact, Atmos, Arizer, Sigelei, and Pioneer4You are all well-liked and popular manufacturers.

Vaporizer Chief dry herbDry Herb Vaporizers

Here is just a selection of items to choose from if you want to search specifically for dry herb mods. The Inhalator INH05 is a slender, compact portable herbal vaporizer for about $200.

The Arizer V-Tower is a digital desktop model. The flask-shaped Transporter by Atmos and the Zig Zag pen-style vape add variety to available shapes and prices.

The unusual and bright Atmos Vicod possesses an OLED screen and buttons light up against a black or white exterior. The stainless steel heating chamber inside a Vicod provides clean, even heat while digital controls allow you to regulate the temperature of your vapor accurately.

Storz & Bickel’s Crafty, the Dragonlite, and a Herbalizer clamshell (the most expensive item here at $729) supply selection and variety with regard to shape and style.

The last in this list was designed by NASA experts and can be applied to multiply materials in several different usage formats. This high-tech item is a “dream product” for many vapers, thanks to its intuitive design and built-in “smart” features.

Box Mods

Apart from the mods already listed above, Vaporizer Chief also carries items like the SMY 60, eGrip all-in-one mod by JoyeTech, a Dos Equis unregulated box mod, and an iStick 50W by Eleaf ($54.95). They also list atomizers which could accompany your choice of vaporizer box such as the Aspire Atlantis, Kanger Subtank, and the Hobo RDA V2.

Vaporizer Chief pensPen Vapes

The Trippy Stix 2 Chainz Signature Edition vape pen is beautiful but compact. Vaporizer Chief is an authorized distributor for all of the companies listed here which includes Atmos, maker of a huge variety of devices. Among them are several pen-style vapes such as the Ole, Orbit, Optimus, Junior, Bullet Max, and Nail 510 Essential Oil Pen.

Choose from two Delta9 models: the Omicron V2.5 for oil or a Persei. The highly rated, stealthy Dr. Gabber Ghost features on the list of vape pens at Vaporizer Chief.

Portable but not Pen Vapes

In this section, customers find items that are small enough to be carried around but not slim enough to be regarded as pen vapes. They include the Eclipse Vape H20, Evoke, NimbinVap, and an Indica. The VaporBlunt, Vapium Summit, Hammer, and MiniVap are all featured here.

Try a Magic Flight Launch Box or the Palm 2.0. One thing you readily notice about portable devices is how much some of them resemble other things, like lighters, tools, pipes, etc.

Desktop Vaporizers

The Arizer Extreme Q, Da Buddha, Silver Surfer, and Plenty are just four of the great products listed by Vaporizer Chief in the section marked “desktop vaporizers.” These items are all plugged into a wall outlet whereas the others contain rechargeable batteries for wireless use. The VapeXhale Cloud, Viva La Vape Revolt, and Herbal Aire supply more selection.

Benefits of Shopping with Vaporizer Chief

Since this firm is authorized to re-sell the items listed above, Vaporizer Chief believes that their price tags are the best around. They are committed to selling quality items, although that doesn’t mean every customer likes every one of them. Reviews featured below products tell a fuller story than a product description ever could.

The range of items and prices found here is tremendous. Vapers are sure to discover a product that suits his personal vaping needs in every way. This includes a price that’s within his means, a device that works perfectly with his chosen materials, and the most convenient item for household or mobile vaping.

More Site Features

Vaporizer Chief is not just a place from where you can buy stuff. It’s also a hub for learning about vaporizers and vaping. Their website lists two more headings to help customers organize their search and interpret their findings.

One section provides explanations about the industry and what a vaporizer is. Another section, labeled “buying guide” aides the process of selection. Furthermore, 24-hour live chat is available and a toll-free phone number is supplied in case you need to know more and prefer to speak with a staff member.

It’s as if the people at Vaporizer Chief know their clients will often make uninformed purchases because they can’t find someone to help them figure out what the jargon means. It is good business to provide customers with information and access to support. This is a great way to reduce the number of complaints and returns a firm would otherwise suffer from.