I couldn’t help but wonder: is Vaporin another offshoot of the International Vapor Group responsible for South Beach Smoke, Vaporfi, Nutricig, and Eversmoke? Their website is similar. The logo for Vaporin is very close to that for VaporFi. Products are displayed in a familiar way.

Vaporin’s page contains a link for investor relations, so they are big enough to be publicly traded and Vaporin HQ (like VaporFi HQ) is located in Miami, Florida. Anyway, whatever their connection is, this is a Vaporin Review and I’ll look at their products specifically.

2015 Vaporin Coupon Codes



For E Liquids, Wax, and Herbs

Vaporizers are loosely defined as electronic devices that turn materials such as herbs, liquids, or concentrates into vapor. E cigs are e liquid vaporizers. Portable or pen vapes and desktop vapes refer to products which vaporize the other stuff. Vaporin carries several styles of vaporizers in keeping with the newest trend among numerous e cig companies: appealing to a diverse crowd.

Vaporin Express kitFreebies

The Express Vaporizer is one of Vaporin’s e liquid devices and is being offered for free when customers spend $25 or more on e liquid before the cost of shipping and handling is factored in.

Customers can also save money by arranging for e liquid or cartridges to be shipped automatically to their doors at regular intervals. Look out for coupon codes and other savings.

Starter Kits at Vaporin

Regardless of what it says under the heading for an Original Starter Kit, all of these are e liquid sets. There has been a mistake on their website. Vaporin’s On-the-Go tobacco and menthol kits come with 1 battery, 2 cartomizers, and 1 USB charger and are priced $24.99.

The Original looks to contain 2 batteries, a USB charger, and 5 cartomizers, probably an AC adapter as well. A description for this kit suggests it’s a wax vaporizer but I don’t think so; not going by the image.


A Rebel 3-in-1 Vaporizer for $69.99 is shaped like an ellipse: flat and slender with a clearomizer for wax.

Vaporin Rebel Kit

The Presidential Vaporizer set for $34.99 contains an EVOD-style e cig and USB charger.

Vaporin Presidential set

Single-out the Pro Glass Air Starter Kit for $79.99 when you want an e liquid device of 900 mAh with a Pyrex tank offering adjustable airflow.

Vaporin Pro Glass Air Starter Kit


The Express Kit (as per the freebie mentioned above) is a basic eGo battery/clearomizer set for $24.99. The clearo holds 1.6 ml, is top-loaded, and atomizer heads are replaceable. This battery gives you about half a day of effort per charge.

A Beast vaporizer handles herbs for $129.99.

Vaporin Beast Kit

The Eclipse ($99.99) works with concentrates and herbs and comes with a globe-style tank.

Vaporin Eclipse Kit

There’s the Freedom box mod variable power device that comes with a Pyrex mouthpiece and is sold in several colors.

Vaporin Freedom vaporizer

Use it to vape dry herbs for $199.99. Finally, there is the Pro Elite: an 1100-mAh vaporizer with a 3.5-ml tank. It comes with a USB charger and wall adapter.

E Liquid and Cartomizers

When I got to this section, there was a twinge of excitement in my taste buds. Would this be like the VaporFi site where flavor possibilities are almost endless? It isn’t. There are more cartomizer flavors (10 as opposed to 5), but only 9 e liquids.

A 12-ml bottle costs $6.99 with up to 2.4% nicotine in the following flavors:

• tobacco
• grape
• menthol
• cherry
• blueberry
• cucumber-mint
• watermelon
• apple
• vanilla

Cartomizer styles are similar with some exchanges: there’s a strawberry variety and pina colada plus two colors of carto: black or natural (like the top part of a cigarette).

Summing Up

I’m sitting on the fence with Vaporin with the feeling that this company could go either way. They don’t really offer anything special that makes them stand out among the crowd yet the fact that they sell a bit of everything sort of makes them different.

I’m reminded of a sleeker version of the Eonsmoke line with wax vaporizers, herb vapes, and e liquid pens. Their prices, are about average with similar brands. The Freedom handheld vaporizer is a variable-power unit that reminds me of a box mod like the iStick or an IPV, though it has temperature control and is used for loose leaf dry herb.

They do have some nice looking products, and a nice, easy to navigate website. The prices for their e-juice are very good, and that is going to be where most of your investment goes over time. Their offer for a free vaporizer with a $25 purchase of e-juice is a great deal and would make it worth checking them out.

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