What does VaporFi have in store for the coming year? It is hard to imagine this company settling down to review what they have already accomplished and rest a little while.

Each time I take a new look at their website they add, remove, or change something. A brand new retail location opens or they add a flavor to the e liquid menu.

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There seems to be no idle moments at VaporFi and things are always happening for the better.

Here are a couple promo codes to save you some money if you decide to make a purchase, followed by a rundown of what they have introduced recently and a quick review of their catalogue.

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VaporFi Review: the Last 12 Months

Actually, most of the changes I am about to mention here took place towards the second half of 2014. That’s when the Orbit, the Vox 50, Bolt RDA, and Boom were released.

Early in 2015, they also announced a new line of e juices called their Artisan series. Furthermore, VaporFi started offering a custom kit builder function on their website a bit like the one at South Beach Smoke but not as extensive. That’s not to mention the release of their Rebel V.2.

Rebel II

Rebel II body

Both I and II are advanced personal vaporizers with slender profiles and minimalist design, like small LED flashlights or science fiction weaponry.

Clean and functional, they both provide dual-power options for $179.99 (that price is for the kit). But a Rebel II is more powerful with 3 to 6 volts or 3 to 15 watts available.

A microprocessor protects this device in case you make the mistake of putting the battery in upside down. Other protective features are built in too. When a short or overcharge are detected, the Rebel II turns itself off automatically.

Vox II and Bolt RDA

VOX II kit

These are available separately or as a starter kit, the second option being better value than separately purchasing each one. The Vox 50 takes its cue from an ongoing fascination the vaping public has with variable watt mods.

What makes them so fascinating?

It is the possibility of vaping at below 1.0 ohm. Once you start dropping resistance below this level, clouds get thicker, vapor is warmer, and flavor (in many people’s opinions) is better overall.

You have to be vaping good juice with a great atomizer though which is where the Bolt RDA comes in. This dripping atomizer was designed specifically for sub-ohms, high-watt mods, and excellent juice.

Artisan Series E Liquid

Artisan Collection E-Juice

It was probably no surprise to most vape watchers, then, that VaporFi would follow-up the release of their own 50W mod and dripping atomizer with the Artisan Juice series. Six flavors have been created so far featuring more vegetable glycerin than the regular VaporFi line.

Until customers started leaving online reviews, there will not be much information about their profiles. For now let’s say they are complex, high-end liquids and much anticipated by the cloud chasing crowd.

The Usual E Juice by VaporFi

Perhaps you take VaporFi’s huge e juice selection for granted but allow yourself a minute to imagine all the possible combinations. Lots of ideas have already been turned into pre-made juice combinations including desserts, tobacco varieties, menthol juices, and fruit-drink blends.

At $14.99 for 30 ml, this is some of the best value juice currently available, especially when you stop to notice a few things:

  • One is that it’s made in the USA.
  • Second, VaporFi uses USP-grade ingredients and Malaysian Palm Glycerin (non-allergenic to people with peanut allergies).
  • Third, they work in an FDA-approved lab, which is saying something.

Most companies do not mention anything about their e-juice-making facilities or the quality of their ingredients which should make people wonder: why not? I, for one, prefer full disclosure and am more inclined to trust VaporFi’s e liquid because they tell me everything I need to know up front.

Custom Vaporizer Builder

custom vape pen builder

South Beach Smoke got the ball rolling with their custom kit builder. Now VaporFi is in on the act.

Combine the battery from a Rocket or Pro e cig with a tank from either one. Choose any size of battery and select a color.

Then add extras such as chargers and you can see the shape and style your e cig will take on the right side of your screen. A price is also indicated below. That’s a user-friendly way to create a bundle which also gives consumers control over how their personal vaping device should look.

Then again, since South Beach Smoke and VaporFi belong to the same company and several of their devices are the same with different labels, I would be inclined to trust the quality of South Beach Smoke’s PVs and opt for their custom builder simply because there are more options. VaporFi’s two batteries do not give me a lot to choose from.

Boom and Orbit

Electronic cigarettes were clearly not enough for the enterprising folks at VaporFi. They saw a market for e hookahs and also dry herb vaporizers embedded among the vapers that already knew and loved them.

Now they sell a Boom rechargeable e hookah which resembles a Starbuzz but in black.

Vaporfi boom

The OrbitĀ is a nice, and very affordable portable vaporizer that vaporizes loose leaf products.

Vaporfi Orbit

Shopping with VaporFi

You realize after perusing the VaporFi website that not everything is original. Inspiration from companies such as Kanger and others is sometimes obvious (the Pro, for example, looks like an EVOD).

But vapers are looking for more than original designs; they are interested in the whole package. VaporFi sells products, and a trendy image too.

They supply a full-scale selection of gear for vapers at every stage so that you could begin vaping here with the Express e cig, use an Air to learn how to fill a clearomizer, graduate to the Pro then keep going up the line to a Vox 50.

Great customer service, reward points, and affiliate opportunities sweeten the deal.