General vape vendors are a revelation to vapers who thought they had to buy brand-name e cig gear to make the most of their vaping experience. Most brands are just generic Chinese products with different labels: the same things you buy from the likes of Vapor DNA under the name “Kanger” or “Aspire” but with the logo of a US company and a higher price tag. Smart shoppers know better, and they realize they don’t have to pay those prices.

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Vapor DNA Review

Why, then, do so many consumers continue to order items from brand-name US companies? Among their multiple reasons is the preference for small batteries that look like cigarettes, items not as popular on general-purpose retail websites. Another issue is that too much stock causes confusion. Vapers don’t know what to buy when they are given a lot of choice.

A vape store mitigates this problem if they create a well-organized site. That’s exactly what Vapor DNA has done. Your experience is guided all the way with initial headings at the top broken further into smaller headings which make it impossible to get lost along the way. They had to take action because Vapor DNA stocks a huge selection of vaping products.

Tone and Audience

Owners of this vape store in Torrance, California, developed a professional, bright, and neat website where everything is laid out sensibly and clearly. Their audience has given up disposables and cigalikes: you don’t see those featured at all.

Ego and EVOD batteries are not prominent either. I would say viewing is most comfortable for someone who is experienced with variable voltage systems, as well as vapers interested in rebuildable and mechanical devices or accessories.

Some visitors haven’t got a lot of money to spend and are looking for affordable but authentic gear. Numerous clients like the look of original mods and will wait until they have the money for a top-shelf device. Their e juice range is so extensive I would be surprised if every possible flavor wasn’t found on their menu.

New Items

This category is rich enough to come with sub-headings for devices, juice, tanks, etc. Select a Project Sub-ohm flaskMan Carbon Fiber VW device for $324.99. The HBDNA40 Box by HCigar is $119.99. Choose a Kayfun V4 RTA, iSmoke Eleaf iSTick 50W, and more.

Vape for Less

The Kbox by Kanger is a 40W mod priced $29.99. It gets 5 stars out of 5 based on 32 reviews. Eighteen reviewers gave the matching Kanger Subtank Plus ($39.99) 5 stars also.

A SmokTech VCT A1 Subohm VCT is on sale for $24.99. The MELO Subohm BVC Tank by Eleaf is $19.99, rated 4 ½ stars based on 37 reviews which viewers can read if they want customers’ opinions.

All Manner of Devices

There are so many items which fall under this category that Vapor DNA sensibly broke these up into numerous smaller categories. Explore starter kits, mechanical mods, 26650 mechanical mods, eGo style, high performance, high-end affordable products, and more.

Aspire, Joye, Vamo, Innokin, and iSmoke supply several starter kits like the JoyeTech Ego, Innokin iTaste MVP 3.0 20W ($45.99, or $39.99 for V.2 with a clearomizer), and Vamo 30W.

I often wish companies would break their 22-mm and larger mods into separate categories so they were easier to find and link with compatible atomizers. At Vapor DNA they do just that, separating a GMod and Guns Blazin Mod (both 26650) from the regular sized Cartel BLAQ V1 and Copper Tugboat Flawless.

The SmokTech Magneto V3 would find itself alongside other affordable mechanical mods for $49.99 with the EHPro original Copper Seeker for $59.99. The others all cost too much to join them.

High Performance adjustable devices include the Project Subohm Suitcase V1.2 50S, IPV by Pioneer4You, and Gold or Black Smok XPro M65 Box mod.

Tanks and Atomizers

Atomizers for 26650 mechanical mods are all a little wider than the usual 22 mm offering. Select a Russian Big RBA ($134.99) or Patriot RDA priced $89.99, and either one would attach neatly with a 26650 mod to create a natural shape. Other atomizers are Bottom Fed, Original but Affordable, Sub Ohm, and more.


There are so many drip tips at the Vapor DNA warehouse that even these are listed under separate headings. While there are a few cheap items (under $5), a lot of their tips are high-end, brand-name, $10 to $30 items in multiple colors and shapes. Other accessories are similarly broken into sections so you don’t have to filter through 30 items before arriving at cotton, wire, or replacement atomizer heads.

Juice at Vapor DNA

Like I said, there is too much stuff here to just list it all. Vapor DNA had to organize the potential chaos of extensive choice and they did so in simple but effective ways. Their e liquids are rated “popular,” “newly arrived,” are arranged by flavor, or you can check out the list if you feel brave.

Most popular labels include CRFT, Space Jam, Lost Art, Millenium Potion, and Vintage. Among those newest on the scene are Loire Vapuer, Jazzy Boba, Touche Premium, and Kilo.

BluePrint, Jackson Vapor Co., Halo, Boilermaker, and Flavor Industry supply yet more brands and there are still many others for customers to sort through, which is why it’s so helpful to have the option of choosing a flavor style like candy or tobacco.

Summary of Vapor DNA

If a love of vaping is so much a part of you now it seems to be in your DNA, then you have chosen a great retailer. Listed items are generally available.

Their prices are fair or even a little low at times. They make the classy move of selling only authentic items, but not just the most expensive ones for vaping snobs.

Vapor DNA will ship orders valued over $49 anywhere in the United States free of charge. If you visit them in person, you’re in for a treat as customers say staff is friendly, experienced, and helpful.