Using e cigs as an alternative to smoking has its benefits. What if you could use the same method to stop the damage you were doing and also improve your nutrition in small ways at the same time?

VaporBoost’s e liquids include vitamin-enhanced flavors as well as regular, all-day e juices. Boosted juices impact energy and mood.

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VaporBoost Review

I don’t know if claims made by the company that theirs is the most famous brand of e liquid can be substantiated, but their premise is surprising. Just about all e liquid brands are designed for the pleasure of vaping with no extra elements added while VaporBoost believes more can be done with these products to help their global audience.

While browsing the site, several messages came up saying which product had just been purchased and where the customer came from (Australia, France, America, etc.)

Pharmaceutical Premise

Manufacturers of VaporBoost not only include ingredients like taurine, melatonin, and passion flower in their juices; they operate along pharmaceutical lines. The process by which they make their products complies with USP standards; mixing and bottling takes place in a laboratory.


Supplemental and base ingredients are FDA-approved wherever possible. Bottles are safety-sealed in darkened bottles to prevent sunlight from affecting the contents. They do not use diacetyl which has been scientifically proven to affect lung function in numerous individuals. Flavorings are FEMA-approved.

Beyond USP compliance are considerations vapers care about, like pre-steeped e liquid, for instance. Flavorings get 5-star ratings from approved reviewers. If a customer does not enjoy VaporBoost juices, his opinions are not posted here, but the company does offer an unusual 30-day return policy.

Vista Vapors is one of the few other companies extending this offer on their small plastic bottles only. Vista Vapors appears to meet their goal of offering superb customer service which makes it really hard to criticize them in writing anyway. They appease even unhappy customers.

Financial Matters

A bottle of VaporBoost e liquid measuring 30 ml costs $16.95: reasonable, especially with free shipping. Better than the price is this offer: buy 3 bottles and receive a fourth bottle free of charge.

If you are thinking “I can buy 30 ml for less somewhere else,” that might not be true when you add in the 4-for-3 offer and free domestic shipping.

Nicotine, Flavor Ranges, and More

Four types of e juices at VaporBoost are regular vapes, Naturals made only with natural flavorings, vitamin-enhanced products, and enhancement products for adding to regular vapes of any kind from any brand. One of these is a flavor enhancer which can improve the mouth feel and flavor of other products. It balances the pH value too.

Juice for Stamina
energy boosterEnergy e juice contains mango and orange flavoring plus caffeine and taurine. Taurine is an amino acid found mostly in meat and eggs which is important to one’s metabolism and is also added to many energy drinks.

One of those drinks usually contains a lot of sugar and other additives too, and some consumers drink so much of it they become over-stimulated. E juice contains no sugar or calories so the benefits of taurine are not negated by the negatives of sugar and colorants.

People with high blood pressure, however, should be cautious because taurine and caffeine could cause problems in excessive amounts whether inhaled or ingested. Add nicotine to the mix (up to 2.4%) and your pulse could blow sky high.

Zen for Moods

Also known as Bliss, Zen e juice is meant to calm nerves. Fruits like lychee, guava, and peach are present in a pleasant, light flavor while supplements such as chamomile, theanine, and passion flower promote relaxation.

Sweet Dreams for Sleep

Enjoy a restful night with the assistance of an e liquid tasting of two pleasing teas: Chai and Earl Grey. Added to these are the restful passion flower once more, theanine, and another supplement you might have heard of: melatonin. This is a proven sleep enhancer in many individuals.

All of the benefits above are present in juice-enhancing products sold separately. You can also add menthol to any fruit, etc. to give it a frosty finish.

Daily Vaping

Choose a tobacco, fruit, coffee, or one of several strawberry vapes like Strawberry Gelato or Strawberry Banana as an all day vape. Guavalicious and Clementine provide the tastes of summer. Choose Paradise Coffee as a pick-me-up or Banana Nut for a taste of baked sweetness.

Natural E Juice

Most e liquids are made with natural and/or artificial flavorings, but this line incorporates exclusively natural extracts. That’s why they are all fruits. The four on offer are Clementine, Lemon Lime, Pink Lemonade, and Wild Blueberry.

Vaporboost hardwareAs a passing note, VaporBoost carries a few items of hardware. They chose Aspire as their brand, probably because of the quality of their tanks.

If you plan to do your body some good, it’s such a waste to fill plastic tanks. They can potentially affect the flavor and toxicity of your vapor (the jury is still out though on that latter concern). Also, glass tanks won’t crack under pressure from acidic juices such as Clementine or Lemon Lime.

VaporBoost Affiliates

There are so many companies with affiliates, both in the e cig business and others. How is it possible to compete and earn money with VaporBoost? Their premise is a little different though not unique: selling vitamin-enhanced products which customers believe are truly helping them.

Whether or not they really do experience improved sleep as a result of the VaporBoost recipe or are just convinced they must be feeling better owing to the placebo affect is probably irrelevant: if people feel better, that’s all that counts. You can sell this stuff knowing that it could be of benefit to friends and people who read your website.