While browsing the VaporAlley website, I was expecting to see everything marked $50 or higher, even drip tips and atomizer heads. Their page has such a shiny, expensive appearance that I was surprised to find affordable gear and a full range — from beginner to experienced — vaping equipment.

Images are slick and professional. A crisp white background made me think of shiny egg whites before they get baked into meringue.

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A VaporAlley Review

This general-purpose e cig store started out in Easton, MD, back in 2009 when the box mod craze hadn’t taken hold and most of the mods now available to the masses hadn’t been thought of. You can visit them from Monday to Saturday or order products online.

It is easy to tell which ones are in stock and which are not: they label everything up for your convenience. I was grateful to see few “Out of Stock” labels.

Every order of $75 or more qualifies for free US shipping. Even though scrolling features and static features below this part show high-end items and accessories for mechanical mods and RBAs/RDAs (coil jigs), there is an affordable and approachable array of vape gear and accessories.

Find items under headings for Devices and Kits, Atomizers, etc., with sub-headings inside those lists as well. User-friendly shopping makes for a peaceful experience even if you are about to spend $100 or more. You will know quickly whether the item you are looking for is sold by VaporAlley.

Brands at VaporAlley

Most of the big names are here, possibly all of them, but not everything these manufacturers sell. Customers will see SMOK, Sigelei, Kanger, Eleaf, Joye, Aspire, and many others. Their e liquid section contains VaporAlley e liquid and what they call “Specialty” products — gourmet brands.

Devices and Kits

Start, appropriately, with starter kits by Joye, Kanger, Aspire, and others. The top price for an Aspire Premium Kit is $74.99 but the lowest price is $9.99 for a 510 starter. They also carry eGo 650, Gemini 900, and T3 sets.

Customers are almost suffocated by the selection of variable volt/watt mods right now. VaporAlley is choosy, preferring to list a couple of pages rather than every mod one could possibly own. There are smatterings of 20, 30, 40, 50, and higher-watt devices. Choose the Sigelei or iStick 50W; a KSD N6 60W, IPV Mini 70W or 150W. Two 40W mods are the Vapor Flask and VaporShark RDNA.

An Invader Mini by Heatvape operates at up to 50W in two modes: with or without temperature control, providing a 0.1 to 1 ohm or 0.16-ohm to 2-ohm range. These give the impression of being inspired by tactical flashlights with their waterproof covering and totally practical image. An Innokin Cool Fire II would seem the perfect pairing. An Egrip all-in-one mod/tank by JoyeTech looks a little wimpy by comparison.

Mechanical Mods come from limited edition series and manufacturers of attractive, better-priced clones like EHPro and HCigar. Examples like the GoldenArm Panzer by MCV are the real thing. So is a Tugboat by Flawless. The Tree of Life and TVS Diablo are both clones. Other names include Copper Penny, Pegasus Copper, and NZonic V4.

Atomizers and Clearomizers: Basic and Beautiful

Tanks and atomizers are separated at VaporAlley. The atomizer section features RDAs and RBAs like the Tobh, Signet Star, HCigar Epic, and Tugboat V2. For tanks they have a Joyetech Delta, but The Aspire Atlantis ($39.99) is listed under clearomizers: this must be a slight error, one of few. The Delta belongs with Aspire’s Atlantis, the Kanger Hybrid Nano Subtank ($29.99), and an Aspire Nautilus System ($35.99).

I would be inclined to separate out the clearos into a section of their own and lump RDAs/RBAs and tanks together. SMOK, Kanger, Aspire, and others contribute to this collection. You will find the SMOK Aro, GBC, Kanger EMUS, Mini Protank, and ESmart among others.

E Liquid at VaporAlley

Their two selections of e liquid don’t appear to be any different from each other except in regard to their nicotine strengths. A bottle measuring 10 ml costs $4.99. VaporAlley also carries e liquids by Halcyon, Five Pawns, Twelve by Demand, Charlie Noble, and several others.

VaporAlley products are mostly one-flavor styles like butterscotch, caramel, and others. They also list some tasty sounding drinks like Fruit Punch, German Chocolate Coffee, and others. Their tobaccos include Country Tobacco and Fine Cigar.

More at VaporAlley

If they carry a tank or atomizer, VaporAlley also has extra parts to go with it. You will need an ongoing supply of atomizer heads, coil, wick, replacement tubes, and other items. VaporAlley has them, compatible with the products they carry.

This includes clearomizers to pair with devices (Innokin iClear clearomizers for the Cool Fire, VV 3.0 Express, MVP 2.0, etc.), springs, O-rings, and bases. Replace the Nova Metal Tank sleeve, Vision V3 tube, or a Kanger EVOD base. Some of the items in their list are after-thoughts such as atomizer stands, adapters, and cones. Nothing is too small to leave out (silicone drip tips at $0.08 each, for instance).

An advantage of offering online sales is that VaporAlley can maintain relatively low prices and are competitive in this respect. Another is that they can carry a huge assortment.

I am impressed by the generality of items available to vapers at all levels and the total lack of snobbery. Instead of focusing on one price range or a particular vaping level, VaporAlley is an Everyman provider. You really can find all you need in one place.