There isn’t another company in the e cig field which gives as strong an impression of personal involvement and caring as Vapor4life. See the faces of their founders and current executives on the “About Us” page. Look into their eyes and read their short bios.

These are dedicated individuals on a personal mission to help people do what the founder Steve Milin did: give up smoking cigarettes. If you are on the road to a nicotine-free and smoke-free life, their passion for people should inspire you with trust and hope. You too could be smoke-free very soon.

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Vapor4life Review: a Company in the Making

Steve “Smilin'” Milin used to be in charge but he has handed the reins over to several people who have created a slick website. In 12 months, this website has undergone considerable change leading to a user-friendly page streets ahead of the original.

The clutter is gone. Any confusion you might feel about their products is mostly the result of assumptions regarding what an e cig or eGo should look like.

Battery Sizes

There are several sizes and threading options at Vapor4life. They offer 808D-threaded, 510-threaded, and eGo-threaded products. Sizes start at 200 mAh rising to 1300 mAh. These represent King, Titan, and Zeus batteries.

Disposable E Cigs

Vapor4life also carries a one time use e cig which is rated the top brand by many members of the e cig establishment. Choose menthol or tobacco and pay just $5.99 or $49.99 for 10 of them.

Tobacco Disposable


Vapor4Life disposable

Disposable Vapor4life mini cigs introduce vapers to WOW flavors and the Vapor4life product, generally, before they part with their hard-earned cash to buy a starter kit.

Starter Bundles from Vapor4life

King and Titan batteries are for new vapers and are roughly the size of a cigarette with a cartomizer attached. A kit with 1 battery is not really worth bothering with as the battery will only last about 4 hours, maybe 5 if you buy the Titan. Pass these by.

The King is their smallest power cell at up to 400 mAh; Titans reach 420 mAh and as much as 10 mm longer than the largest King cells.

Vapor King Ash Cap Standard Kit


Vapor King Ash Cap Standard E Cig Kit

A 2-battery kit for the King costs $29.99 and is excellent value with 5 cartridges and a charging kit. Add $10 for the same kit but Titan batteries instead.

Choose from more than 10 flavors of pre-filled cartomizers. Switch to blank cartridges and refill with e liquid from the Vapor4life menu.

Zeus Batteries

Enjoy the convenience of an eGo-style battery providing from 650 mAh to 1300 mAh. Cigavette and Mig Cigs are the only other two companies I have seen so far to release such a product.


Automatic batteries might waste power slowly, but some vapers do not want to be bothered with buttons. Their cigarettes and cigars were button-free and pressing a button seems unnatural to them.

Vapor4life vape kits

Kits start at $74.99 for the automatic or $84.99 for manual or dual-mode versions. That’s right: you do not actually have to choose one or the other. Sit on the fence, but don’t procrastinate: buy a Vapor4life dual-mode Zeus and get started vaping.

There are 5 colors and 3 sizes. Smileomizers are Vapor4life’s version of a clearomizer: covered rather than clear with a soft exterior. Choose e liquid from more than 10 possible flavors. There are over 10 times as many refill flavors on the menu.

Buy Juice Pre-filled or Bottled

Select cartomizers or e liquid by the 30-ml bottle and pay $9.99 or $13.99. Either way these are great prices. Compare them to VaporFi which charges $14.99 for 30 ml (still very good value for American e liquid) and $14.99 for 5 cartomizers (terrible value).

Vapor4life e juice

It was unclear to me if Vapor4life juice is American-made, but their facilities meet ISO 9001 standards. A fantastic fact for smokers is that the top nicotine strength is 3.6%. Whittle your way slowly down to 0.4% and, eventually, zero nicotine.

Select basic styles like Triple Nickel Tobacco, Menthol, Grape, Peach, or Coffee. Choose blends like Waffle or Kiwi-Apple-Strawberry. Opt for a rich Caramel Mocha Frappe or Choco Caramel Peanut. There are numerous variations on traditional cigarettes too. Some flavors are on sale: something for bargain hunters to take note of.

The New V-Kit

This is Vapor4life’s newest product: a 5V regulated automatic battery in a slick, cosmopolitan case which appears to feature some electronic elements of its own. Is this a charging case?

Consumers receive a V-cart with 1.8% nicotine, tobacco or menthol. Their package contains 6 ml of the same flavor in 0-nicotine, a case, and chargers for $69.99.

Vapor4life V-Kit

It is a pass-through system (you can vape and charge at the same time) but offers up to 8 hours of vaping when charged. The tip is comfortably soft and chewable. A microprocessor protects against common faults which could make your e cig unsafe given all that power.

Vapor4life Summary
Vapor4life.comI like the variety of colors and styles at Vapor4life and the fact that their products really look different.

Many brands appear to be merely clones of established brands and models, but at Vapor4Life they create something unique with their soft-coated, regulated, and dual-mode batteries which I find really eye-catching.

What I would like to see is more details about the V-Kit. I’m not entirely sure what I am looking at, especially where the case is concerned.

It is certainly presented with panache and sophistication, but images could be misleading. I don’t get the impression Vapor4life plays games with their customers, not with their stellar customer service reputation.

Their Zeus replacement batteries are expensive. I would be inclined to say these are overpriced, even if Vapor4life has the only regulated automatic batteries around. That isn’t true of the Titan and King batteries, however: prices are good and there are loads of patterns and colors available.

Hunt for Deals

Vapor4life is currently offering some spring deals, like their St. Patrick’s Day bargains, free shipping for a limited time on starter kits, and some reduced prices for kits. The site has a lot going for it, so stop by and read up.